Oct 28 2008Tuttuki Bako (aka The Fingerbang Game)

Tuttuki Bako is a new video game where a player interacts with the device by sticking their finger in a hole. Your finger then appears on the LCD screen, and you can make contact with the characters in the game. If you can even call this a game -- all I saw was some chick fingerbanging a plastic box. Which was totally awesome in its own right. And its own wrong. Mostly wrong. Still, I think we can all agree that by the time you read this you've already considered sticking your penis in it.

Hit the jump for two more game videos.

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Thanks to SlyEnemy, who is crafty and not your friend.

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Reader Comments


Ceci étant dit, je trouve l' idée de la mosaïque absolument énorme !

well at least first english post but that is totally fake. I mean the shadows are all wrong and it looks like when the asian chick finger f***s a juicebox in never back down

"all I saw was some chick fingerbanging a plastic box"

Android Lesbianism?

all sorts of win here

Ummmmm, yeah.

wah wah wee wah!!

YAY!!! 8!!!

i kinda wanna alaskan pipeline one

... Who is Geekologie writer anyway...

You'd think with all the sexual inuendo's just wating to burst forth orgasmically, the comments on this post would average more than 4 words.

On the other hand, not much needs to be said about a video game that requires sticking a finger in a hole.

Wow I would totally bang that box and then after i would bang that green square thing

This is awesome on so many levels, however I doubt the actual game would be very entertaining at all.

If you just listen to the sound you could think it's a (bad) porn movie

fingerbang and giving face.

Am I the only one that saw the story and thought it was about Bukkake?

Thanks again, Public School!

@2 - Voici votre drapeau blanc. Oh, et vous apparaissez avoir tombé votre fusil. Encore. Le singe de reddition de fromage-mange.

Translation: Here is your white flag. Oh, and you appear to have dropped your gun. Again. Cheese-eating surrender monkey.

only the japanese. lol

For some, it would be the old "hotdog in a hallway" scenario.

What won't the Japanese buy?

I like to play this game with myself usually. Follow the happy trail down low...ah yes. Now say hi to Mr. Chode. I'm ready for some finga bang time ya'll!!

it would be cool if you took that concept and... ok it totally sucks ass.


This is an obvious fake. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

It looks like the gizmo max was always playing with in the movie Never Back Down.

and thats how asians sound when they are haven sex......annoying as hell!

WTFOMGLOLIPOPZ! Useless piece of crap...

If only you were Japanese you'd know that this commercial was more perverted than it appears.

...that last sentence...how uncanny...it's like...he knows or something.

Technophilia - (adj.) a strong arousal towards new technology or electronic devices.

Don't we need protection when playing this game? You never know what kind of diseased finger had just been. I think that's why an arcade version would never work. It'd become too expensive to run this with all the douching costs considered to make it profitable.
Herpes and Chlamydia just found a new way to multiply.

Daisy daisy
how does your garden grow

that's so erotic

i bet they'll make one suck your di-

All they have to do is change the face in the last clip to the sexual orifice of your choice.
Now that's my kinda video game.

I LOVE THIS GAME! It really makes your finger smell like cheese if you win!

Still, I think we can all agree that by the time you read this you've already considered sticking your penis in it.


What I learned from these videos is that Japanese is a language where you either sound really excited or really pissed about everything.

I'd hit that

I've played the Fingerbang Game with Japanese girls many, many times.

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