Oct 30 2008Transformers That Didn't Make The Cut


This is a little art gallery of Transformers that didn't make the cut. Transfailures, if you will. They're still scary as hell though, and I've always suspected my vacuum was a robot in disguise. Which is why i smashed it into a million pieces. And guess what? The broom and dustpan turned out to be robots too! But seriously, goddamn is the floor dirty in here.

Hit the jump for the rest of the gallery, of which only the last picture gave me some hope for the impending robot apocalypse.





Proof that vacuums and shopping carts make awesome Transformers [dvice]

Thanks to LSDiesel, who may or may not be the real one, I have no idea.

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the vacuum and shopping cart are the only ones that are worth nay thing

Almost Transformers! Humans in Disguise!

The shopping cart one obviously decided to kill his asian counterpart and go solo.

one time at band camp i stuck a transformer in my...


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This kinda looks like the robot scene from Back to the Never Back Down.

goddamn those freecreditreport.com people are persistent when you want to cancel your trial membership.

The last one is totally fake. I saw the original picture with only two flumes of smoke. The shadows are all wrong. One of the missles totally didn't even launch.

I cant even tell WTF it is ZOMG! I'm hungry for BBQ!


@7, tell them you have a blade-swinging shopping cart that will do terrible things to their pets and children.


i'd like to stand on that thing


The shadows are about 76% accurate, which is good enough for me.
Also, this is clearly an homage to that scene from "Never Back Down", and not any sort of plagerism.


I forgot to say...

pew pew pew!

My bad


I love www.worth1000.com :)

Most awesome pictures ever.

THEY SUCK!!! They're vacuums... get it?

it was some hispanic lady that i couldn't really understand. when she wouldn't take no for answer, 3 times, i started screaming "TACO TACO TACO." that ended well.

taco flavor kisses

@15. That site is lame. I want my 5 minutes back!

You suck. Pew Pew

@19. I agree, the shadows are all so very wrong.

Double pew

worth1000.com is an awesome website. sure it has alot of rookie photo jobs but for the most part they are awesome look thru the contest and galleries.

I made the Dyson one :) Glad you like it!

meow meow meow

Nice, a Dyson Ball. I really want one! Has anyone here used one? Is it as cool as it looks? It better have good sucking power!

While cute, I have to say that these are pretty dumb. Not dumb as in the American way... more like real dumb. Now if they drew pictures of Transformers that looked like they actually transformed? Not so dumb.

Transformers porn is the next generation

I knew that shopping cart tricycle was a trick!!!!

I want to see a transforming roomba!

I think "fake" comments have surpassed "first!" comments in terms of annoyance factor. That sure was fast.

Ha, the others all look so menacing and streamlined and then I came across the one made out of brass instruments and laughed...

the vacuum is actually in the new movie

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