Oct 10 2008The I-Foot: Toyota's New Mobility Suit

I don't really have any more information on this robotic suit except the i-foot is a terrible name, it was made by Toyota, and appears to be the lovechild of a MechWarrior that stuck it to a Tyrannasaurus Rex (wish I could have been there). Oh, and two thumbs up on the choreography, Toyota, I love the theater. Okay, strip clubs.

Toyota Mobility Suit [useloos]

Thanks to Tytus, who, in his quest to build a mobility suit, invented the jetpack.

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I cannot believe the imposterer got the first comment!

I'd like to see somebody get in our out of that thing. very impressiv, japan!

Domo arigato, mr. roboto.

You people might ask: Why the name Azghul?

Well Azghul is the name of my mother.

Well, since I'm at work and do not get streaming media, I think I'll use this time to tell #2 that reading his comment is like trying to understand my girlfriend when she has a mouthful of....food.

And for those of you that remember, I don't really have a girlfriend.
Haven't seen Daisy around either...

I haven't seen Daisy, no.

But do not worry, I am here to ease your sexual needs.

Please book a RDV for this next week.

I am in dying need of easing too!

shit i have misspelled Thumperchica

Oh... My.......god........ Awesome. It needs some lasers, anti-ewok defense systems, or maybe a wookie pilot. AT-ST PEW PEW IS GO!!!


Nice going.

What the hell? First the ugly ass Prius, now these weird things? They got some serious dope over in Japan. Those are f***ed up.

We have recently been receiving numerous e-mails about creating a log in for users due to impersonating. This is an idea we are thinking about executing for everybody's sake. Lately we have noticed that the devoted users that come to visit the site and comment are getting off the topic listed. If you have any questions or comments please let us know at TIPS@GEEKOLOGIE.COM. Please understand we are working on ways to clean up the insults in each feed and get back to the main purpose of the site.

Thanks guys!---GW

crap, what did they do? get the cirque de solei rejects to "dance" around this thing? I have to say LAME! not for the product (that is pretty cool), but for the production of this event. = shitty vegas show.

Haha they are doing the robot... I looks like a walking sperm.

It*..... FAIL myself.

I think it looks like an Egg, what happens to the person inside when it falls over! hahaha

Okay, who went and told dad that there was impersonating going on? Who's the rat? Better yet, whos the pussy?

And clean up the insults!!??? WHAT????

yes, now there will be more fat and lazy people in America as soon as its offered in the states

Ah the one rule of the web...

One Person + Web + Anonymity = dooshnozzle


Thats an obvious photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong. This movie started out life as several frames from Never back down.

F***in Daisy, lmao! shadow are all wrong!

@12 - Who's the crybaby?

@Sharpie: The dreaded Humpty Dumpty Syndrome! But look at it this way, The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump.

Do me baby.

Do the humpty hump. Do the humpty hump.

Gents/Ladies -- but mostly for you gents (that is pure sexism).
I like Gents very much, but I am getting off topic here. Now considering that there is/are imposter(s) that apparently have invaded the website, we want to make it very VERY clear:

Thumperchica WILL settle for 90$ for a peepee touch, 100% payback guaranteed.

Anyway, I will also say that the impersonator sent me an email, complaining that the other fellow Geekologist did not understand his sense of humor. I have to say that I have had a few laughs along the way, but also some phantasms (thanks to you Thumperchica).

Again if you have any questions or comments (or sexy pictures of your naked body -- male preferred), please let us know at TIPS@GEEKOLOGIE.COM

Also I will accept money on this paypal account: catcher84@hotmail.com.

Thanks guys!----GW

Daisy! There you are finally! Can we go have sex in my car please?

Thumper, if youre in the mood for some nasty-ness.

What if I buy us each one of these robitic looking dinasour pods and we equip them with various sex toys and have a wild robot-raptor sex scene?

We can film it and I can put it on my porn website if you'd like.

Of course I would pay you for your services if need be.

But sometimes I would like a girl to actually want to have sex with me before i bring up the idea of cash.

damn it.

First people are impersonating each other and now STEALING INSULTS!!!
what is this site coming to?!

P.S. clint, you sir are a queer muffin deluxe!

@17 and 22

HAHA, I did not expect that people would actually support the impersonating!

GW, I wil give you a hand if you need me to -- and not in a formal way ;) (Thumperchica will teach me how to)

you couldn't pay me enough to dance like that, dressed like that, in front of a room full of people. Well you could but not with money. I require payment in hugs but it's going to take a bunch. I would require payment up front and probably a couple afterward while I cry.


(I might get some action out of it eh : p)

Man i gotta admit i have had many a laughs thanks to you guys! i visit this site multiple times a day during school and always end up in trouble for laughing and being on it. so thanks to all the regulars including; Thumperchica, LSDiesel, Sharpie, Daisy (and imposter daisy) i love you all. and even the regulars i forgot!

Wow, those costumes/dancing were HILARIOUS!

Being high probably helps alot too.

Ill hold out for the ones with JumpJets and LRM's thank you very much.

@7 - I swear, it's like you KNOW me... except the part where you keep using acronyms I don't understand... What's RDV?
And, don't feel bad, even I've misspelled this damn name a few times...

Where is the machine gun and rocket launcher???

@31, How DARE you give Sharpie the title of "regular." Sharpie is still a newb. I do appreciate that I can inspire and bring laughter to children though.

Note to Toyota: Skip the homoerotic theatre crap and just drive that thing over some school children or ruined buildings or something.. far cheaper and much easier on the eyes.

@36 if it makes you feel any better your my favorite!!!
and i'm a senior in high school LMAO!!

@ The Dingo - if you love me, why did you eat my baby?

Really!! no robocop references.

@39, because baby is the other other white meat.

@39, that wasn't your baby, you bought it online you cunt.
@38, hey thanks kiddo

Thank you The Dingo, I have been a big part of LSDiesel's Geekologie life this last week. Complementing him is complementing me.

Also, a little fact about LSDiesel that you should know: He wanks with his left hand although he is right-handed.

Also, he likes cock

@42, i love you buddy! 8=====D

Hate to bring this post back on subject but, I am. Toyota, I will buy one of these when it can walk faster that a 98 year old geezer with artifical legs!!

@43, yeah, I appreciate you takin the night shift.
But, you can't take all the credit ;)

didn't they feature these in the Wall-E movie? ya know..those things people rode around in that were provided by Glommo corp or whatever?

Along with terrible and uncoordinated choreography

@31, 36 - I have to agree with LSD here. I'm a noob too. How dare you brand sharpie (who appeared yesterday) and me, who only appeared like a week ago (it seems much longer) at least as Daisy, as regulars with LSDeisel who's been here forever.

Did you notice I appeared when someone else went away?

@49.....smoking girl???

that video made me remember of nutcracker...without nuts

please, for the love of god, stop naming things with an "i" in front of them. its so f***ing stupid already

A lot more information here:

id like to see the servo fail , and the rider screaming for this life , too much complecent happyness in that ride with unstepulated dangers

they went through a lot of trouble to make that thing look like shit compared to those dancers

@52- completely agreed. There are seriously better ways to draw attention to a brand.

The concept definitley has a wow factor, but I can't see this becoming small or fast enough for practical use any time soon.

You think they'll require helmets to pilot that thing? It'd probably be a good idea, you couldn't go anywhere without ewoks or Marauders chasing after you. I'll take mine witht he Gauss rifle please!

Plus, it seemed like they were trying to distract from how immobile that thing was by making people... dance (I use that term lightly) around it.

This was in Aichi, for the Universal Expo in 2005!

I too was bedazzled by the dancing retards and the shitty music that surrounded this thing.

What the hell is wrong with Japan seriously.

Meh. Until you can get in one of those babies and start running at 60mph while shooting lasers, I want no part of it.

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