Oct 10 2008Sure, Why Not?: A Giant Guitar Boat


Like the saying goes, "when the going gets tough, the tough build a giant freaking guitar boat and cruise around in that mother like PUT PUT PUT". Am I right? I'm wrong. Anyway, this is Indie rocker Josh Pyke taking a fully functional guitar boat for a spin in the music video for his song "Make You Happy". I tried to find the video and couldn't, but apparently the dude's got some musical skills. But no boating ones. He crashed into a dock and spilled a ton of notes. You know, notes -- like musical notes. Because it's a guitar. Fine, somebody come AIDS me in the face, I deserve it.

Giant guitar is a seaworthy motorboat

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HELL YES!!! my lifes complete!

that's pretty darn awesome.

paul bunyan should play a song on it then smash that shit !

after a brief over view i realized i got like the f***ing gayest first ever, i got a f***in guy in a floating guitar instead of something like a sex handle or a walking egg i'm so dissapointed.

but, you *are* gay, aren't you?

and I've never herd of this guy. how exicting this music vid will be when he's roaring by at 3 mph

@4, Any "first" that you take credit for is the gayest first ever.

And speaking of gay, I heard there was this indie dude who made a giant boat out of a guitar. Man, good thing he wasn't into metal, or else he might have gone and attempted to make a plane out of a "flying V".

@4, Any "first" that you take credit for is the gayest first ever.

And speaking of gay, I heard there was this indie dude who made a giant boat out of a guitar. Man, good thing he wasn't into metal, or else he might have gone and attempted to make a plane out of a "flying V".

yeah. I had computer trouble. leave me alone.

This is, in fact, an average size guitar with a very tiny indie rocker in it. I'm sure he's saying something heartfelt and profound though...

...yes that is an ity bity outboard.

@6,7 and 8, f*** you

He's saying: "Arrrrrgh, I'll have ye Clapton irons, matey!"

If google can't find a video, it's because it's not done yet! But you can at least hear the song here http://www.myspace.com/joshpyke

And for mister first and ALL the misters firsts in the world, for christ sake say something usefull other than f1rsT!!!!1111 LOL OWND n00b!!! Does it make you have a bigger penis? I think not! And if yes, well... look again! If yes again, stop taking some weird stuff you find on the ground, it's disgusting! Grow up! Like your pants do when you type FIRST!!

I've gotta say... I think he went a little "overboard" with this one.

@10, Now you're getting the hang of it. Sort of. We generally encourage the use of long drawn out insulting sprees rather than a single "f*** you"

haha, it's almost cute in a way. "f*** you" hahaha, I'm smiling.

his music makes you feel like you're floating

Oh, and me and this guy actually went out on Lake Michigan one time with this thing. I started to jam out on the strings, and he told me to quit "rocking" the boat.

Hmmmm, I need an afternoon pick me up.

Hope this doesn't "sink" his career...

yeah. I said it.


Perfect! A giant guitar for a giant douche.
*puts up hands and bows slightly accepting applause*
thank you. thank you. and thank this giant asshole skipper with his giant guitar boat.

@anybody who tried to talk shit about my firstys, SHUT THE F*** UP, if you knew me and the regulars who i'm no a part of yet(but hopefully soon) thats how i/we rool i did it because like 8 articles ago i said all i ever wanted was a first once, so go fist yourself like i'm sure your mom does.

@14 how's that? and it was a little cute huh?

Can you imagine how f***ing funny it would be to watch that think sink with that ass pirate aboard? I picture the body submersed with him clinging to the neck, inching higher as the water nears his boots, the ones that are supposed to look worn out but aren't because he's never worked a day in his life...'I can't swim, I can't swim.' Then he'd die and I'd think to myself; 'hmm, French toast sounds good'

*Roll* sorry

Wow, dingo can talk!

I'd just like to say. Why, WHY? Do you feel more powerful or something! Do you want us to give you a trophy or something? It just piss people of do see dumb people like you think they are intelligent! You're no geek! Get out of here! You normal person!

Do you think he will play on even as the ship is sinking?

piss' people off you mean?
so shut the f*** up you illiterate doosh do you feel better about bein gay for baging on me for calling first? or are you just pissed that nobody loves you? when you grow up and learn that IT'S A JOKE then you can address me

Make a good joke and I'll adress you! And if I made some english mistake, I'm sorry, english is not my main language!
And do I understand that you do this to piss people off? Or are you tying to be funny? If the second option is true; Thank you for playing, please try again later.

Your a queer and not worth conversing with further enjoy your pathitic excuse for a life in whatever wack ass language you want.

sure, why not? (Am I clever now?)

@24, and 25, you two girls need to go outside and settle this the way that all girls should settle their problems.

Pooping in a cup and eating it together.

@28 Yummy :P

Lol, this is juste a big circle, i blast Dingo, Dingo ''resist'' and try something else like you're stupid and have no life, i say something similar again, we does too! Then LSD comes in! But unfortunatly I'm the kind you likes to say LAST, so I warn you, i'm too immature to stop. It will never end until no one reply... and that won't be me.
So what you gonna do? Say nothing or say that I'm no life, I'm just a little pussy, I can't think clear?

Chaos my friend CHAOS!!!!

P.S. You'll probably say that I'm babbling non-sense or something, or not juste to oppose me, or maybe nothing now... I can't tell, too much chaos.

Omg I have no life!


i'm cool

ps--diesel, you rock

ps--diesel, you rock

@30 Nah probably not fake, it's quite possible to make this thing, and not that hard actually!
And how come LSD win, he just said that we're both immature! I can say that too! Just kidding he deserve the respect :P

This would be funny if he were singing "7 deadly pirates" by Flogging Molly...
Otherwise, it's a bit...GHEY

@31 thank you.
@ 32, thank you too.

Alex, I appreciate you pointing out the obvious in a way that only a not-so-good-at-english person can. I have so much fun just trying to figure out what the f*** you're saying.

Yes, I am being an ass for no reason. Sorry, its that time of the month again.

@35 Sooooorry! I Just love to see people trying to prove they are right (don't worry, I know I'm not!). Yes, I'm a pretty random person who just try to make people think about themselves even if it doesn't work at all!
Anyway, I think were just polluting the comment sections about nothing good, so lets just forget all of this and go to the next news, the steam punk gun! If you would like to talk more, my email is allx.mantha@gmail.com!

JSDiesel.....We call it being on the rug around my place. The man's cycle! I'm so f***ing riding the carpet right now too....


I have one of those and it totally works like that!

Like SOAD said: Stupid people do stupid things, smart people outsmart each other!


Thats's a complete photoshop fabrication. You can tell because the shadows and waves are all wrong.

It kinda looks like they replaced the boat in the boat scene from Never Back Down with a guitar.

wtf's wrong with his eyeballs in the picture?!

strange that the only comments about this are wankers fighting with each other and people calling Josh Pyke a dick even though they've never heard of him.
He's not really much of a rocker. He sounds more like an Australian Jose Gonzalez. Check out some of his music, its really lovely stuff.

@ 41

not photoshop. real. saw them shooting it on the harbour. this is awesome!

@6 You are correct sir. He also does covers of Tiny Tim songs.

@9 who is No.6

Dammit you people with your screen alias'

More importantly, who does Number 2 work for!?

@4, Any "first" that you take credit for is the gayest first ever.

And speaking of gay, I heard there was this indie dude who made a giant boat out of a guitar. Man, good thing he wasn't into metal, or else he might have gone and attempted to make a plane out of a "flying V".


Video is here for those interested:


Dude. When the goin gets tough the tough go boatin.

This is the coolest thing in the world. I'd hard core roll across the lake in that.

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