Oct 13 2008Robot Trickery: Trying To Write Like People


Scientists are running tests in Berkshire to determine if robots can "think" well enough to trick humans into believing they're humans themselves.

Scientists at the University of Reading tested five machines to see if they could pass themselves off as humans in text-based conversations with people.

The test was devised in 1950 by British Mathematician Alan Turing, who said that if a machine was indistinguishable from a human, then it was "thinking".

One robot, Elbot, came close on Sunday by reaching 5% below the pass mark.

No robot has ever passed the Turing Test, which requires the robot to fool 30% of its human interrogators.

Wow, people can actually communicate with a robot and think it's a human? That's freaking pathetic. And on a side note, who the hell is this MovieFone character on my AIM buddy list and how is he always available? He must never sleep!

Test explores if robots can think
[bbcnews] (with video)

Thanks to Mike, Wayne, and Uncle Ecolli, who all agree that not only are robots stupid, but they make horrible sexual partners.

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This site would be alot better if the comment were actual discussions and not idiots just saying first! Omg second!

stfu, i was just lucky, and happy about it....

get over it... >.>

PS: this site would be a lot better if people weren't complaining about people saying "first"

Well Zojin is dumb, you must be in that 25% of the test that were fooled by the robots into believing they were human. Everyone knows that "PMG F!r57!!one!1" posts are made by said robots.

Nice contribution to the cause, #2.

And I don't care how close a robot can come to being human like, they do not think. They calculate... They're still going to take over the world though.

ok, the robot has to make 30% of the people believe it is a human. 30% is not a lot...and that one passed by 25% of the people? I think that those people who believed it should be smacked in the face. I mean come on.

C'mon people - don't ignore the obvious. Those robots threw the competition so that we don't catch on to them...

*strokes chin in deep thought* Cleveland..yes, yes, good, very good. Unless, of course, YOU are, in fact, a robot yourself!! OH THE HUMANITY.

The Turing test is a snap. Show me a robot that can pass Voigt-Kampff and we'll talk.

#5... thinking is just calculating on a very complex level...

i think what you are thinking of is Real Emotion, Robots may be programmed to understand emotion or even think they can feel it, but a robot will never really have emotion :O

i'll cyber with anything.

@9 I hear the new Nexus 9s might pull it off.... I have to go feed my electric sheep.


If the 'bot understands emotion, believes it feels emotion, and reacts to w/ emotion is their any real difference?

You can easily view humanity as an inefficient machine, therefore I will be upgrading myself and my offspring w/ genetic engineering, nanotech, and cybernetics in order to hold off the coming robot apocalypse. That, and the fact I've the MFin' Glave!

What they failed to mention is that 30% of people can't pass the turing test either. Go humans!

I agree. This suspicious MovieFone must be stopped. With the PEW PEW PEW. And to what length will scientists go to develop a robot that will kill us all?

Makes me wonder if I've been chatting to bots all along. =(




Yes i will.... and so will you you moron! everyone dies, and none of this crap about living forever by downloading your brain onto a supercomputer monsense!!!! we all know your broke ass can't afford that shit! unless you wanna do like the WOW guy and get like 36 computers and download as much as you can onto the mother f***er...... yeah you would still be dead MUAHAHAHAHAHA!


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong.

This is an idea that Max talked about in Never Back Down. The photoshops probably are fan art from one of the many NBD fan websites.

Daisy........... we all know you love being annoying, still -100 intewebs for you my friend!

@13 - Faking emotion just doesn't work. It just means there will be robots around that are emotionally identical to my ex wife.

@21 - Is it possible Daisy is a robot? You better be careful, she could PEWPEWPEW at any time. You might want to stay on the good side of our robot overlords when the takeover starts.

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