Oct 10 2008Revenge CD Annoys Neighbors, Yourself


The Revenge CD from Fred is a CD packed with 20 of the most annoying sounds ever, from unhappy dog, to violin practice, to house party. The $7 CD even comes with a pair of earplugs, so you don't have to listen to the racket. Clever, but I can't help but think there are better ways of seeking revenge on neighbors. Including, but not limited to: breaking a basement window and leaving a hose running into it while they're on vacation, vandalism, and my personal favorites: kidnapping and arson. But seriously, rake up your leaves already, you're making our block look like shit.

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Thanks to Silver Sided, who believes living well is the best revenge, which is total bullshit. Burning a house down, that's where it's at.

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yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i b first


third. i'm gay.

I'll try to overlook how badly the commenting started out and try to make a fresh start. *ahem*

A CD full of annoying sounds is about as cool my scrapbook full of pictures of old Civil War generals (that I frequently masturbate to) and yes, some of them are related.

"Oh jackson you stonewall you...."

Wouldn't a Coldplay cd have the same effect?

I do not know "Geeked up"

What I do know, is that your mom gives me a boner.

Glad you asked

I see someone already has butchered ryan's impersonation.

What kind of impersonator makes jokes about being gay seriously?

Also, ryan loves penises a lot, a lot

To Thumperchica:

I have a inverted penis, will that be a problem?

To Thumperchica:

I have a inverted penis, will that be a problem?

@8, You douche-rocket, at least put the link in my name when impersonating me.


LSDiesel, do you want to take over my job maybe?

No, I did not think so. So shush.

Thank you

@11, if by take over your job you mean shave your mom's vag, keep your dads balls squeaky clean, and make sure that the maid is kept sexually satisfied, then no.

Revenge - A disk best served Coldplay

I'm convinced that there are only like 4 actual posters on this site who all use different names and impersonate each other. That's what I do, anyway.

Well played LSDiesel, well played. I laughed so hard, i spurted my jelly bean all over the keyboard.

you douche.

No of course I was not talking about THAT job.

silly putty

@13 -- Bravo, sir. Bravo.

Well if you are not doing that job of shaving your dads balls, may I?

I am in dying need of cleaning... thats what being OCD will do to you... you want to clean EVERYTHING.

You guys make me sick. I think im going from gay to nothing. And by nothing I mean, yes, priesthood.

@17, It's not my OCD, its the marijuana.

Inverted penis you say LSDiesel? Hmm

A penis is a penis i guess.

But what do you mean by "inverted"
If you mean that it forms a hole, I could use my penis instead.

Just a thought..

My penis is so small that I couldn't even pleasure an infant.

That is just wrong #21

It is pretty funny that 90% of the comments are not related to the post

@23, so in a way, was that comment related to the post???

Your mom is, related to me

A better one to use on neighbors is the Family Values Tour, played full scale, through speakers about to give out - and leave for the day. That did the trick for me. They stopped blasting the Salsa at full bass against my wall. LBZ was totally the key to unlocking that language barrier puzzle.

We have recently been receiving numerous e-mails about creating a log in for users due to impersonating. This is an idea we are thinking about executing for everybody's sake. Lately we have noticed that the devoted users that come to visit the site and comment are getting off the topic listed. If you have any questions or comments please let us know at TIPS@GEEKOLOGIE.COM. Please understand we are working on ways to clean up the insults in each feed and get back to the main purpose of the site.

Thanks guys!---GW


Thats an obvious photoshop job. You can tell, the shadows are all wrong, and the picture is from a scen in Never Back Down.

I don't know, that's how the bad guys on HOME ALONE got caught.

This just in:

New guy takes giant step back with infant pedophile comment.

News at 11:00

I wish I'd had this CD when up my upstairs neighbors with the baby who all stomped on the floor like elephants still lived there. Because they sucked.

@31, I've got neighbors living in the apt next to me and they think it's perfectly normal to start up their stereo at 2:00am and pound music thru my wall until 4:30.

Just to make it all good, my downstairs neighbor does the same thing during the evening hours and on weekends just so I am sure not to get any peace at all.

I plan to kill them all ASAP.....Probably with some sort of kitchen device. Blood will run red in the stairwell at 2245 NE 20th Ave, Oh yes, blood will run red......

Disclaimer: I am aware that all blood is red once it hit the air but I had to inject drama there and quite frankly I'm tired. (see para 1)

I have one of those and it totally works like that!

Whoa weird, what a coincidence, I have that same address...

Is that MST3k's Mike Nelson on the package?

Ohhh f***, this is beautiful

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