Oct 17 2008Modular Plastic Vroom Vroom: A LEGO Ferrari


Apparently LEGO made a Ferrari to promote LEGO World in Holland. Per the google-y translated article:

The Lego tends to be quite creative in their communication. Since the adhesive ground up operations in buildings. To promote the event Lego World in Holland was no different. The presenter of children's programs Leon Krijgsman parade through the streets of Amsterdam with a Ferrari made of Lego.

The "toy" in actual size was mounted with 80 thousand pieces, celebrates the anniversary of the famous brand of toys and will be exposed in the event which runs from 16 to 23 this month.

That made no sense but who cares, it's a LEGO Ferrari with 80,000 pieces. Wow. But the question remains: does it run? Ha, of course it does, it's built out of freaking LEGO.

Hit the jump for two more.



Ferrari de Lego [communicadores]

Thanks to Michael, who agrees that a rocketship would have been way cooler. PSSSSHOW!

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vroom vroom


AND... I epic fail today....

this is kewl though, if you're into formula uh

Shit. I faileth epically.

I did however build a lego mousetrap race car that pwned everyone back in middle school.

maybe the dingo ate your baby

Some commercial childrens program presenter drove it because he needed the money. It is for the biggest lego event of the world (so they say).
And it is in the street where the rich dutch people shop.

f***, wouldn't your hands hurt after putting something like that together?

come on why couldnt they make the wheels out of Lego?

Those are 2 different cars.

The one in the top 2 pictures are completely different than the one in the bottom picture.

The guy in the bottom picture should put on a helmet, wear a fire suit and attach a HANS device, just in case.


This couldn't be more fake if it was made out of Lego blocks.

Oh wait.

This looks like a photoshop of a real F1 car made with a Lego pant. You can tell, the shadows aren't consistent within each picture.

It kinda looks like a scene out of Never Back Down.

I love those little lego men. I want them watching me changing my sheets as I sleep.

Legolicious, baby

15 - You change your sheets as you sleep?

Or did you mean wetting the bed?

@12, Some legal issues.

@13 - good spotting. Two different Cars. Maybe the douchebag driving crashed the first one and this is the spare. What kind of a wanker drives a ferrari in a cardigan!

Cardigan is more suited for a Jag-U-ar I guess.

Its possible the first car is a 2008 model, with the current prime bridgestone tire, and the second is using slicks per the 2009 regs. There's not all that much wing on the car, so its set up for a high speed circuit, probably Monza.

don't u dare make fun of lego. plus,legos can move!

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