Oct 23 2008Man Divorces Woman's Avatar In Online World, Woman 'Kills' Man's Character


Jesus, women. Am I right? Am I left? I am left. Some guy divorced his online wife's avatar in "Maple Story", a Korean virtual world similar (but not really) to "Second Life", and she, in her resulting anger, killed his character.

A 43-year-old Japanese piano teacher's sudden divorce from her online husband in a virtual game world made her so angry that she logged on and killed his digital persona, police said Thursday.

The woman used login information she got from the 33-year-old office worker when their characters were happily married, and killed the character. The man complained to police when he discovered that his beloved online avatar was dead.

Guy was so broken up about his dead character he called the police and had the woman arrested.

She was charged with illegal access onto a computer and manipulating electronic data, police said. If convicted, she could face a prison term of up to five years or a fine up to $5,000.

This just goes to show you: people are crazy. Especially women. Can I get an amen? "AMEN!" Thank you, bitter divorcee. Say, this reminds me of a funny ex-wife story -- she's a freaking bitch!

Angry online divorcee 'kills' virtual ex-hubby [msnbc]

Thanks to Heather and Anthony, who do all of their living in the real world.

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up there



dang two firsts in one day. I am l337 firster today. and a total n3rd. Thank you.

work beer time for me.

crazy bitch

frist is my friend

In related news, I read this twice and still can't figure it out, were they actually married in real life?

i must say, congrats on your achievement. how many metals is that?

back to the story,
what a pussy for calling the cops. i would be pissed off if i wasn't getting any face.
give face.

"hey! fetch me another beer. i love my job"

I sort of get it, but not really. Either way I'm positive that both of them need a life. And try hard to act like real life hue-mons.


Also, wow. We give people 5 years in prison for killing a virtual character in some crappy ass game but we let the child molesters go easy.

I have a great idea for both of them. Get laid IRL.


No metals. No medals either. Not even a pat on the back.

In fact, I don't even think highly of myself right now, trying to snatch the first comment spot and never having any clever insight to add.

It's time to go home.


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is one of the sub-plots from the movie Never Back Down.

The game is MapleStory, in case no one has said it. I quit about two years ago. But I would still be pissed.

I don't know what's the saddest.

-They play maple story
-They get to know each on Maple Story well enough to "pop the question"
-He asks her to marry him on an online game
-They get married
-He decides that his marriage life and his gamer life should NOT be one and the same (props for being able to make that decision)
-He DIVORCES her (yes, this is all still virtual)
-She gets so heart brokern she KILLS his online persona
-He files LEGAL ACTION against her about a MURDER that happened in a VIRTUAL WORLD.

The thing that pisses me off the most is, shouldn't the world of Maple Story have it's own police to take care of these kinds of things? You know the REAL cops are having trouble taking this serisouly.

Crazy bitches be everywhere, I hear there's one running around Blacksburg, VA. BEWARE HOKIES!

@12 I LOVE YOU, NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN. Everyone else is pooping in my mouth at such a fast rate that I hardly have time to chew! But you should never stop pooplzing in my mouth.
@17, please take a chance and pull down your pants.
its not hard to do, just squeeze out a poo.
let it gently break off into my mouth.
then we can both F eachother in the BH. ;)

I think Maple Story is Korean, not Japanese.

And also, I'm a giant homo!

When you die in Maplestory, you click a button and respawn in the nearest town, only losing some experience?

It's not thaaaat bad.

This is why I am a strong believer of keeping women away from the computers, somewhere near the bedroom preferably.

Korean, Japanese. Same thing. Also, I love the penis up my fleshy sewage canal.

No No No, stop impostering me. I only take it with STRAP-ON's you fool. Not the real thing. What do I look like, Ving Rames from Pulp Fiction? (mmmmm remember that basement scene? wink wink)

Haha I'm just nerdy enough to actually play that game.
I have f***ingggg PURPLE HAIR in it.


Thats right check it.

haha you had to post an image of a zombie KS war. this is unbelievable I can't believe that actually made it to some sort of court >_>

Asian women suck. I'm dating one. Want some advice? No? Good. Don't date the Asians, they will scream at you from 11pm till 5am, sleep next to you for an hour and then continue the bitchfest. In fact, instead of dating women, punch yourself in the head over and over again...you'll achieve the same thing.

@25 yeah a good friend of mine is dating an asian. And when she drinks, she turns into SATAN. she is the craziest, meanest bitch you'd ever meet, its scary. but she is completely normal and overly nice when she is sober....weird.


props be unto thyself!!

@10: you HAD to ask... was it worth it?

Is it just me or is there something seriously wrong with this site at the moment? I can only see the top 2 stories & when i go to look at the comments on the second one, they don't come up... It's like the page is cut short, or something...
Maybe it's a blessing in disguise?

MS is fun : ]

Oh Maple Story... I've played it once. Yah! Never take down someone's account, ever.


...Not really :(

Maple Story is Korean.

MapleStory is made by Koreans

I think this post goes a little over my Geek experience. But it just goes to show even people online get killed, hahaha in a virtual way.

#34 - If you're killed in the matrix, you die here?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - *composes self* - why have a password if you're going to give it out???????? R-TARD

@35, My son. The Matrix is the world around you. You will die no matter where you get killed

Declaration of Guilt

@Thumperchica.... I'm awfully sorry. You rock girl. I was wrongly hurling poisoned allegations at you that I shouldn't have done in the first place. Now please don't ever let anyone make you cry into a Ben & Jerry's tub again. You're too beautiful for that. Rather hit 'em on the head with it and put on that thumper smile of yours. You're a gem. Here's a virtual rose for you @)--- It is to acknowledge your endeavors and patience in the face of childish, mean accusations. And also for keeping fun alive.

@LSDiesel.... I take back anything I ever said to you. It was all very foul and not up to the mark. Passing judgment on you only portrayed my own insecurities. I'm truly sorry for the hate speech. I didn't mean any of it. It was just a bad phase of my mind.

@Sharpie.... You're a good enough rapper man. Surely not the best out there, but certainly better than many others. I feel bad about my uncouth remarks directed at you. I'm sorry for that.

@Daisy.... Sorry for my unendearing take on your photoshop jokes. I mean, yeah they are a bit lame sometimes but at least there's consistency there. Introduce some variety, you're fine otherwise.

@SmokingGirl.... Wherever you are, I'm sorry for dragging your handle into my licentious speech.

Last, but not least
You're the man. Dude I guess I was letting the vile part of me take total control and be a keyboard bully (nice word you taught me). You are intelligent than most, I gather from your speech and anyhow they wouldn't have conferred an engineering degree on you if you weren't. And you are really witty. I must confess I almost laughed my head off at a couple of your responses to me. I'll say it again though.... you do seem to have the potential to head an ethics committee. I don't know... something in your replies made me realize the ugliness of my comments compared to polite speech.

So I'll make no further pretense of being a wise guy with a smart mouth and just apologize for all my rude behavior. You're right my grammar is rough. I believe you have some sluething skills as well. English is my second-language and I'm working hard on improving it. So sometimes I use bad tenses or words that are not used in everyday speech, but it's just because I translate my thoughts into English from my first language. Hope it becomes better with time. I R Baboon :)

A small leak can sink a ship. The same with character. Once you assume a downward spiral it's difficult to hold back. I would hate to see all the bad karma that I generated, come back to bite me later on.

Again, my sincerest, heartfelt and unconditional apologies to anyone who got offended by my officious prick attitude. I hope all you guys forgive me. Your participation in this forum is what makes this site my fav. Yeah, that and the GW's topics too.Now that my deathbed confessions are over, I'm ready to rest in peace. Respect to all.

@38, you ok?

@38 - Dude, lay off the downers in the morning... drink some coffee - it'll shrink your boobs and perk you right up!

Yeah. Relax... the deathbed reference was meant to be funny... I'm not into any depressive mood. Just got off the asshat phase though.

Thumper, how are you this morning. good?

Thumper, Sharpie, LSDiesel, Daisy, SmokingGirl, boredom, u guys rock!!

@43 for some reason I believe that is not really the Don talking, but if it is. wow. someone opened their mind over night. maybe took in some knowledge and realized life was worth more then they thought it was.

I'm peachy keen, a bit hyper, and counting down to 5pm... =)
How are you all this morning?

Who are you and what did you do with our The_Don?

Sure he's an asshole, but he's our asshole. When you bleach him he's not as interesting.

I think this story is funny as hell! I would have loved to see his face when he found out that she killed his avatar, however calling the police is rather harsh.

Oh and a Last.

Stories like this is why I keep coming back.

@46 - It's a trick you see - if he can get everyone to forgive him and let their gaurd down... WHAM - back to being normal The_Don & annhiliation follows...

Sad...very sad...

just as #14 depicted...all levels of sadness and patheticness.

The fact that people are that into their online life really kills me. i mean yea. I go online and come here while im working just to see whats up but theres no way in hell i would make it my life. hey Daisy, wanna get married. and have kids online, then we can fight and kill each other? hahaha that just sounds so retarded i cant beleive people are really like this.

P.S Daisy!!! we can have some photoshoped kids and live in the movie never back down, haha

Its Friday muthaf***as!! Happy Friday everyone, including you GW.

And since we're into this confessional mood today... I'm going to drop a bomb. I really am gay. I know I throw the biggest homo jokes out there, but it's out of humor, and I know I have a bad sense of humor but I can't help it. Don, Thumper, LSDiesel, Daisy, SmokingGirl, boredom... I'm sorry for the asshole ways I've acted. And I'm sorry I've called you fags, or fat, or whatever else. Being gay is not bad, and I should know. I'm just very insecure. There, I said it. I hope you'll all forgive me and accept me for who I am.

P.S I feel much better

P.S.S Happy Friday to you too Octo

It actually does not surprise me at all. I used to be a religious member of http://secondlife.com/ until my boyfriend broke up with me. If anyone wants to sign up for 2nd life let me know cause I'm always looking for a new online hubby. Its quite fun and I think yall would like it

I had to sit in a teleconferrence for the first hour this morning. Ugh.
Anyway, thank you imposter for taking the night shift again.

And it's really sentimental in here this morning, did someone die last night?

@55 - If you're going to take over for me today, thanks. I'll just sit back, relax, and see whatcha come up with.

Awww i wanted to be in the suicide note tooooo }:(

@54 - not surprised. In fact I thought you came out long ago.

@38 - What step are you up to?

Not a big fan of maple story but i do love me some strawberry filled story.

Are you f*cking serious????? How the heck can someone seriously get in that much trouble for killing someone virtually????? People really need to calm down. Damnb, we can't kill people for real, but that was just a character.

suicide is for n00bz.

hillarious. i would probably kill his fake character too. mainly because i'm a bitter bitch that can really hold a grudge. now, if he erased my zelda game, they would never find his body, in the real world.

Would this be Digicide? Or Digital Homicide? or Virtual Homicide? Or Virtuacide?

Anyone know?

Identity theft


What kind of a douche bag calls the F***ING COPS when an in-game character dies. Account hacking or not, this guy is a class-A f***tard.

In case anyone is confused, in the game of MapleStory, you can pay around $30 (yes, real money) to get "married" to another player. Usually kids on there will just ask you if you want to be their boyfriend/girlfriend, then after a short period either one pays for the marriage.

I'm guessing that by killing, they mean she deleted his character (which is like deleting a character in WoW). So he could have permanently lost his character. That's the only reason I can think of why anyone would go to the police (although if he's crazy enough to go to the police over a stupid online game, he might would go to them for a more minor reason). If she just got his character killed, he could have pushed the resurrect button and gone to the nearest town and that would be that.

Ah...good ol' maplestory. I was addicted to it for a full year. Of course I never really played per se...I more often tried to find hacks made by other people and eventually got to lvl 120.

In case there are any WOW players here's the comparison:

It takes exactly the same amount of time to get to lvl 70 in WOW as it does in MapleStory....now remember how it got exponentially harder to reach that darn final lvl 70 in WoW ahaha...well, in maplestory the curve continues up to lvl 200...yeah that's right 200, and a lot of people have reached that point (I'd guess over 1000) Legaly.

Best I could do was lvl 103, with hacks, and it still took me a month.

So there you have it, a nice tidy explanation of MapleStory. So the lesson learned here? If you think WoW players were hardcore gamers...you haven't met the players of MapleStory.

Also MapleStory is, in fact, Korean.

Ty, everybody! Have nice day 8D


Too bad it's still gay.

Destruction of peoples property, be it data or not, is a crime. Yeah they are both a bit pathetic and will probably never know another humans touch but the law is the law and thats that.

Im loving the image of him crying on the phone to the cops....aaaahahahaha other peoples pain is fun!!!


Maple Story is a Korean game!


How do you get killed in maplestory anyway? i used to play that but i thought death was only by monsters and temporary.

u all suck hahahaha yay me

go to hell hahahahah yay me

go to hell hahahahah yay me

im in pussy

land yay

im in pussy

land yay

honestly, even reading this again. 5 years of jail? is that even necessary? Ppl dun even get that hard of a sentence for physical assault in Japan.

Eighty-fourth! WOO!

There has to be some kind of medal for this.

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