Oct 22 2008Man Builds Lamborghini Countach In Basement, Has To Dig It Out When Complete


Ten years ago Ken Imhoff started building a Lamborghini Countach in his basement.

A little history on the car. 100% hand crafted Countach out of aluminum and a space tube frame. All aluminum body formed on a wooden buck using an English wheel. My own design space frame with Corvette hubs and custom A-arms. Mated to a ZF-25 5 speed. S.S. 180 degree headers GT40 design "bundle of snakes" Boss 351 bored stroked to 377 515hp 48 IDA Webbers. One off TransAm BBS rim shells to my own center section wheels. Custom brake package to fit 16" wheels. Fuel cell, twin aluminum sprint car (Howe) radiators. All aluminum interior with leather dash, Momo seats and 5 point harness, on board halon fire bottle. quick release steering wheel. Low to the ground at 2700 lbs. 100% body correct by using a real Countach to measure from. Over 10 years in the making.

And now, it's complete. The only problem is, Ken's basement has no outside access. So what do he do? Simple -- made some. He actually hired a contractor to dig down to basement level, destroy a basement wall, and pull the car out. Awesome! I guess I should have thought about that before I started building my rocketship.

UPDATE: F*** it, I'm blasting that mother straight through the roof.

Hit it for a bunch of build pics, and a couple showing how they got the car out.








Hand-Made Lamborghini Built In Basement Finally Sees Light Of Day [jalopnik]

Thanks to Viktor the Swede and Uncle Eccoli, both of whom are welcome to join me on my maiden voyage to outerspace. As long as you both bring two chicks.

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Hail to the king Baby

wow epic fail. This guy should have built a garage. Probably cheaper

Nice job, not a fan of what he did on the interior though.

Awesome and amazing. My hat's off to this guy (all except the basement entrapped-car part...everything else rocks).


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sweet interior


this asscarrot could have built any type of car or designed anything and he built a friggin countach from the 80s. whatever it still kicks a buttload of ass. plus i love his, 'f*** it, ill figure it out as it goes' attitude.

and #7, hmmm. umm you know... uhhh, um. you really shouldn't ehhhh ermm. uhhh... hm

interior looks like ass....why spend so much time on the exterior and then half ass the interior.

wham bam, what the f*** just happened?

The interior looks very much like a REAL Countach. They look like win on the outside, and warmed over shit on the inside. Most supercars are like that. All the design is in the exterior, interior looks like shit.

i wonder how many times he farted in it......

Anyone else notice something missing....

the pedals....

Just a minor oversight.

For the time, effort and money he could of just bought a countach and hand built a f***ing garage.

looks like it has pedals...in the center?
i guarantee you could just go out and buy an actual 25 year old lambo for less than it cost this guy to build (and remove)


Not only that but did you notice how much foot room there is? It doesn't even look like a human could fit there feet in there.

on the bright side, now he has a nice batcave garage...

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It's a race-car, the "pedals" (aka:paddles) are formula one style - on the steering wheel. Couldn't have picked a gayer color?

LOL, pedals on the steering wheel? you obviously have not a clue of what you are talking about.

The paddles you talk about are just for changing gears...

@22 - ahh hell, you're right
*retracts retarded comment with sincere apologies to anyone who blahblahblah*

Pretty sure there's no windshield in there.

Also, this is so obviously Photosho.......... Nah, too easy

Eh, accelerating and decelerating are overrated. It's all about looks.


That's an obvious fake! You can tell its a fake because when you look closely you can see the shadows are all wrong.

It looks like a scene from the movie Never Back Down.

@ 21

ThumperChica, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about. The "paddles" you speak of are for shifting gears and not for braking and accelerating. This particular car has no paddles and is a stick shift. Just like the original Countach.

pedals are for pussies i use foot power like the flintstones

F*** you geekologie writer and fish too!

Free Willy!
Check out Top Gear, bloke builds a car in his kitchen, then rips out wall.
C-section anyone?

I wanted this car so much when I was a kid. Some douche up the street had a red one for about six months before he railed it into a streetlight. Epic fail. Come to think of it, I think he said it was his uncles...Thank you Geekologie, I love telling you about my childhood dreams, I feel like I can tell you anything.

10y of work and the result is a fake car in the basement? Idiot!

That penultimate picture really highlights the flaws - a real Countach doesn't have upholstery on the exterior. Especially not on the windscreen - no wonder he ran over two guys trying to drive it out.

Thats gonna need a windscreen.

Bet he wishes he based it on the Ferrari F-40 since the Countach is totally f***ing shit.

hmmm...... if i was this guy i would come up with my own f***ing kind of car! i would make it look so obscenelly phallic it wouldn't even be funny! shit...... and how the f*** are your legs suposed to go in this thing? that is a weird angle he has them bucket seats at........ i mean, at least he can build some shit but..... i dunno it still kinda sucks major ass....... #7 you f***ing win at life.

@ 7

you f***ing wierdo, F*** OFF

it needs to be stated that the guy obviously has some serious metal mending skills especially if that all was really done with an english wheel. He's got skill but like stated above, a poor choice in cars.

The fabrication is sweet and the powertrain is sick. I'd love to see this thing actually take a run down the track.

@7 climb up your own loose asshole and die.......I bet no body even notices your gone.

I wonder if it blends.

Gentlemen (and the rest of you too), please don't feed the trolls. They are as feral cats and will simply keep scratching at the door if you pay them any attention.
@GEOFF - If you're reading this, I laughed so hard at the "I f'd a Coors Can" story that I'm pretty sure I peed. Thank you for that! (officially redeemed for the whole "Mitch" thing)

Just curious... How did he get all the components down to his basement to begin with? I'm just trying to picture him crating a motor through the kitchen, down the stairs, lift with your knees not with your back.....

Something tells me that the car is worth more than his house. Other than that, anyone that can hand build an awesome machine like that gets two thumbs up from me.

Its cool and all but why in gods good glory would you paint it that color!?!!?

#7 wow and I totally agree with #19

Freakin sweet batcave beginins

The man who built the lambo is my uncle, and for everyone who thinks he spent a ton to get the car out of the basement you are wrong, his neighbor did it for a cheap price.

Props for finishing a project like that though, i wonder how many times, if any, he just wanted to give up on it.

Interior looks like ass though. If he was hoping people would think it was real, he f***ed up.

Still though, 515hp in a 2700 lb car? I bet this thing pulls hard.

pretty cool dude tho IF i built one id want mine to be like the Transformer Sideswipe G1 & use a Dodge Viper engine 6 speed w/ cruise

That car is so awesome! I came seven times.

@22 - Actually F1 cars have 2 sets of flappy paddles. One changes the transmission gear, the other changes the rear end gear, This way they can put on a shorter gear for accelerating out of a turn, or up a hill, and a tall gear for maximum speed.

Just goes to show what one can do when one has too much money and time on their hands at the same time. Nice touch on the basement project though. Just goes to show that money is not brains (and vice versa). Nice work anyhow though. The poor working stiffs reading blogs at the Public Library are sure jealous / green with envy as they wonder if it was their job that got trashed so you could build this very nice toy.

Seriously, this is nice. Someone in autoland should be calling this guy for advice. They certainly haven't been doing very well on their own, eh! :))

Given the fact that real lambos are fiberglass and this one is metal, this dudes got skills. That's pretty impressive. I seriously doubt that real lambo's are up to this guys quality on body work. I don't even know of a metal kit for this type of car available. I've seen fiberglass kits for fiero conversions, but they are junk compared to this car. Photoshopping is impossible since metal ones don't exist. He did a good work building the body by hand. Looking at the chassis, thats one sick motor. Looks like it has a corvette drivetrain? I like the color and style. Countach's are nice cars. He chose the design and actually built it! That says alot considering most people have no clue how much work is involved in actually building a car from a pile of parts and sheet metal. I don't understand all the negative comments people are giving this guy. It's his car he can paint it pink and it still would be aweseome. What more do you need on the interior? I like the minimalist attitude. This car is designed to haul ass. Comfort is not important. Overall I'm impressed.

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I have to agree with @51.

Furthermore, Even if someone were to hack together even a half-way convincing Photoshop job of this magnitude one would have to spend eons working on it... from scratch. Basically, you'd spend half as much time it took to *actually* build the thing in the first place. So... why not do the real thing and have something worth-while in the process?

I also believe that this *must* be a working model, otherwise, why pay, let alone put up with the mess and inconvenience of digging it out of the basement in the first place? Any situations otherwise simply don't make sense from the incentives standpoint. (ie... what do you get out of it?)

Even if Mario isn't "for real", I find his assertions easy to believe. After all, I'd say that simply getting a good look at this baby in person would go far towards earning him a steep discount for labor on the excavation project. I know plenty of guys who do crushingly hard work who'd be happy to do something along those lines for a better price "for a good cause". And, if that's not mercenary enough for you, how about, "Just think of the publicity!"?

I mean, this project is amazing. The builder and I may not have similar aesthetics, but who cares? It's clear to me he does incredible work, and I'd bet that his project is probably worth more than the "real thing" anyway... considering that if you look carefully it's obvious that this guy does high-quality work.
And yes, the reason why the interior is a bit... minimalist is because he's trying to build this car as light as possible... and more padding equals more weight, as any sensible gear-head will tell you. Especially since the original was made of fiberglass... and aluminum is heavier, though has other benefits.

I also suspect that some of the bits appear missing because he has to put them in *after* the car is free of it's confined space. Besides, I bet putting in a windshield is probably one of the easier phases of construction in this project. Not to mention, you get better photos without it... glare is not your friend when firing a camera. Particularly in a small space where you might need your flash.

I mean, Ok fine, I'd rather have a Hudson 1934 Terraplane with a Mercedes v12 under the hood with a modern suspension... but there's no way in hell I could build the thing. So go you!

(Any and all who say "Chrysler PT Cruiser" can eat their words and die. One must be deaf, dumb, blind and stupid to think there's any resemblance at all.... besides... Chrysler. Ewwwww!)

All the haters here are FAIL. JEALOUS FAIL. Just because you could never do something like this in your home doesn't mean you need to bash this guy. Get a life. Additionally, I like the interior, and I am betting that the owner/builder does too. Since HE BUILT IT. In the basement is classic. Like ship in a bottle. Getting that wall taken down might cost $1500 compared to a $20k garage. The guy allocated funds towards the car, not the garage. It makes sense. And he probably had a buddy with a cat to help him out. Stop self hating and you wont have to hate him you haters!

Why the hell would you spend that much time and money and attention to detail and then do THAT to the interior?

Sorry not meaning to be negative at all. An otherwise immaculate job I just think the interior looks "unfinished" . Albeit beautiful job.

whoever this guy is, he's as remarkable as john britten

A lot of low lifes out there, with no class. You build your Dream where you can afford at the time, and a basement is a heated year round shop . Unlike trying to work in cold air with cold parts as outside in a unheated damp garage. A real countach is made out of aluminum the kits are out of fiberglass . If any of the losers out there ever looked in a real countach you would see the leg room is correct because the front tire is there. The work and skill the guy has is excellant. The time and money he has spend building something that well is a feeling you losers out there will never know. Talk is cheap, which is what most of you losers are. Great car man ,Good work , dont fill in the basement hole, put a garage door there, and a driveway YOU NOW HAVE A HEATED GARAGE TO KEEP YOUR GREAT CAR IN!

Your Lamborghini is second to none!!!! Lamborghini himself could not have done a better job! Dam I wish I could have helped you with it!

I think its a great job and I like the interior, Id like to hear vid of it and curious if he was able to get it registered?


"Given the fact that real lambos are fiberglass". It beats me the the know it all experts on here that make such "informed" statements. Real Lamborghinis have Aluminium alloy body panels. A lot of the under panels are fibre glass though. For all the knockers out there rattling around in thirty year old hire purchase rusty wrecks, here is a bloke who got off his arse and did something. Admire him for for his accomplishments. 10/10 from me

I have seen four real Countachs (Countaches? Countachi?) up close and personal, two restored and running, one basket case, and one being converted to a custom race car. This guy did an awesome job, period. I hope he enjoys the fruits of his labor for many years to come. Yes, you can probably buy a real Countach for what he spent on building this one, but keeping it running requires very deep pockets or a truly encyclopedic knowledge of all of the part cross reference lists, as buying spares from the factory costs a fortune, and private sellers know the value of good used and NOS parts.

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