Oct 16 2008I'll Never Be Cold Again!: A LEGO Radiator


Allegedly this is a real radiator called the Brick, designed by architect Marco Baxadonne and manufactured by Scirocco. No word on price, but I think we can all agree that money is no object when it comes to a LEGO radiator. Unless it's more than $60, in which case, f*** it, I'm going with DUPLO.

Brick LEGO radiator keeps nerds warm [slipperybrick]

Thanks to idid yamum, who, wait a minute!

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duplo is for the pussy kids who'd cut their mouths chewing on legos.

This is obviously fake and the chair is even fake. everything about this is fake wtf!!! i dont even want to comment on this.. but i guess i already did.............

this is odd
cause every lego i've ever put on a radiator melted :(

hopefully this one doesn't smell like burning legos


Is this nerdy or sad?

haha, forgot to change my name back.

@1 Way to be redundant

Very fake

Ill have a set of that chair tho

Um...that's a render.

hey you guys wanna play a game, well not really a game but something to add to geekologie? you know how we call first on the first comment. we should also call last. it would. what i mean is if the last comment on a post has been there for 2 weeks with no other post, that person has successfully called last post. it will force us to stay up to date on old posts, just an idea. if its whack please tell me and i'll shut my brain back off.

It's whack. Shut your brain off.
It would be pointless, and so easy to lose, and the only people who would do that are people that have more time on their hands than I do (which I think would be impossible to find) and not to mention....you know what, nevermind. It's just an overall bad idea.

It's "whack"

@ Sharpie: That's whack. We'd have some dumbf*** like this ass clown on The Superficial called HorribleJudgement:


(Comments Closed)

yo that shit is duplo, not lego. lego is small as shit and those are deffinately nice duplo sized bricks. and number 2 i swear you wouldnt say that shit to ma face . and f*** that last posting shit, no one wants to be last. thats f***ing stupid, we want to be first. AMERICA!

and the geekologie and the goatse man are one and the same

@14, Wow, Okay I take back what I said about not finding anyone else with that much time on their hands.

Yeah Sharpie. That's Wiggity Wiggity Wiggity Whack.

@LS I think you're referring to the guy on TS and not me right? (Don't wanna start a Sharpie/Thumperchica dick swinging contest on here).

BTW, GW, f***in post some new shit.

Here...I'll do your job for ya!

Video of a BIG F***ING radio controlled airplane:

Video Of Some Chick Being Called A "Cunt" 2X Live On CNN


Also...Can I make a request? Can you (Anti-Clown/GW/IWS/TS/Whoever) add a "Notify Me Of Follow Up Comments Via Email" option on here?

Seen it so many times before but i am a fan of lego, so i have to like it ;)

@19, Yes, I was referring to the douche bag on the superficial.
If you would like to have a contest that involves us swinging our penises some other time, I would be happy to.

And leave the GW alone. All of you. He's alone half human like the rest of us.

Speaking of someone with too much time on their hands. This is actually pretty kick-ass tho:

mother douche bag


Nice try, Geekologie writer, but Duplo is owned by Lego. Maybe if you made the radiator of out MegaBlocks you'd save money, but not Duplo.

alright alright alright, it was whack, lol whatever. guess i was getting bored of the same post, haha

Mega Blocks. LEGO for the jewish kids.

Mmmm Lego Radiator wine. That really takes me back to my childhood.

@19 - How did I get brought into that? And when did I get a penis?

Last? yes? ah?


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong. It kinda looks like a jail cell though.

#16, so i take it that you were one of those stupid ass kids? DUPLO IS FOR F***ING PUSSIES. this includes yourself. keep your helmet strapped on little buddy!


@29 (Thumperchica)
Just referring back to you and Sharpie yesterday.

And on the 2nd note, from the look of your pics on your MySpace, you look like you should have a penis.

K? Thx. Bye.

@34 - So, because I got impersonated yesterday you get to be a cockmongering douchenozzle? Good to know.

Interesting concept. I'll bet it stays just a poor 3d render, though, and never gets produced. That won't upset me too much, though. A radiator? I thought we were moving away from that kind of heating anyway.

Holy freaking Danish toys, batman! Lego Radiator has been my screen name for various sites for years, and now its come to pass!!!
Time for a name change, I'm thinking Lego Midget Porn, you'll thank me in a years time.

Notice the tiled texture in the concrete. FAAAAAAKKKKEEEE!!!!!

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