Oct 16 2008Guy Plays The Final Countdown On KazooKeylele, Surprisingly Doesn't Suck Ass

A KazooKeylele is a kazoo, baby keyboard, and ukulele. And this is a guy playing Europe's The Final Countdown on one. I was pretty impressed. And, as was evident by the tagging in the video, we can go see him live this weekend.

to see this in action live im going to be busking sat 18th, at 3.00pm, on the royal mile, outside st giles, in Edinburgh. please come along.

Ha, for a second there I thought that said please come alone. Which, sadly, is the story of my life. Ladies?


Thanks to Cheffrey, who plays a violipianoboe on the street corner for tips.

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Damn i'm good

that hair cut makes me want to draw dinosaurs. with lasers for feet. pew pew!

That kid rocks so hard he had to lock himself in the room to protect him from all the screaming KazooKeylele fans.

And really green lasers?

Also I meant " And really, green lasers?

why not green?
i mean, i can shot for orange but it doesn't feel the same
(what the f*** am i talking about?!?)
ready to go home for the day.

of course this kid plays the KazooKeylele.. wtf. Although, impressive.. touche.


That couldn't be faker if it was a cartoon.

The shadows are all f***ed up, and nobody could ever admit to looking like that, even if he was from europe. I don't know how he did it, probably with Photoshop.

I bet he plays the cockballBH too.

My head just exploded... it couldn't handle the bare concept of orange laser PEW PEW PEW!

Also, this is worthy of Apolo Creed.

If he'd applied that time and energy to learning the regular guitar he'd be getting laid at least 10x more. I'm not definite about that math, but I'm sure it's more than his current average.

I get to drink beer at my job.

not shoots. cause f*** shoots and ladders


time to go home
puke in a jar, ship it to LSDiesel

Totally Fake, this is a blatant photoshop over the theme song from Never Back Down.

Sometimes something is so embarrassing that it hurts to watch...

...this somehow transcended that, and I couldn't look away.


holy shit, when he started to sing.... holy shit

.....hooooooly shiiiiiiiit what the hell did I just watch?!?!!!!!

.......I'm disturbed.......

I was told this would not suck. I would like some money and a portion of my life back. Oh, what's that? I'm not getting either? Fine then. I'll be back tomorrow for more. Good day to you good sirs and trannies.

That is QUITE a receding hair line!!!

@10 lol. Oh man, I can just see how someone would play the cockballBH. All trombone-like using your forefinger to adjust BH pluggage whilst tugging the kiwi coin purse... oh lord, i'll be laughing for weeks.

Awesome. That didn't suck, but I wouldn't bother to see it live.

Anyone else hate how many of those damn annotations people are putting in their videos? This one wasn't so bad, at least...

I think you will all appreciate this video of a little something called "Show me your genitals". He blows this kid out of the water.


Till tomorrow my fellow geeks...

i hate to be mean, but at first glance i really thought that was a girl. he looks like this girl who played clarinet in band. . .i mean, not that i was in band. only losers are in band. . .i'm too cool for band

OK, OK, One more

@12 - I bet you realized 10x0 = 0 when you posted your asinine comment.

I'd say his best bet for sex is saving his money and paying for it.

@12 - I bet you realized 10x0 = 0 when you posted your asinine comment.

I'd say his best bet for sex is saving his money and paying for it.

It appears only total douche bags who keep in touch with internet meme's, who have great hair cuts, who play cooler instruments (there is nothing cooler than that IMO), and who get laid every day browse this blog.

oh god this is the funniest shit ever! Who gives a stuff if it's fake? this is ENTERTAINMENT kiddies.

Why does this fag stick out his tongue when making the "L" sound?

why does everyone insist on repeating "venus" in this song.

you really don't have to.


People who don't get laid, are extremely talented. I don't know what that correlation is about.

@32, I guess semen has brain strands in it.

sad thing is...this guy probably get's laid more than i do.

im so gonna see this guy, only a 30 minute train journey and a walk up a really steep hill away, then i can throw pennies at him!!


I live in Edinburgh and will be free tomorrow at 3pm! I'm so going to go and upstage him with my double-banjeridoo.

I think this guy is also a first poster.

I'm so going to see him tomorrow, he's busking like 15 minutes away from my house, and he's also busking in other places in edinburgh, judging by his youtube link. And for those who say it's fake. He's been in the Fringe Festival for the past 3 years, he plays guitar as well. So yeah. Probably not fake.

Are you kidding? This is terrible.

@38 - You are so gullible. Just because its on the internet doesn't mean its true. remember, "probably not fake" also means "possibly fake".


Its interesting that he needs to read the words off his computer. Hopefully he will have them memorized by the big show this weekend.

where is gob? shouldn't he be dancing around with a knife in his mouth and playing cards in his hands?

Foobar in East Nashville is pretty rad

holly shit!, lmao! i couldn't even watch the whole thing. the second he opend his mouth and started singing i thought. he cant be f***ing serious. but he was!. hahaha wow did i just see that?

That's exactly the talent that DOES get you laid backstage after the show by some hottie indierock chick. I'm not sure what pre-ironic world y'all are living in... Italy?

Alright, i'll agree that it takes a certain degree of talent to do this. But "That's exactly the talent that DOES get you laid"?? i think not, my friend. For the mere talent to do something surely couldn't make up for his lesbianic hairdue, his jack black/rosie o'donnell face, or his awkward demeenor. But Ginge(38), flip him a quarter or pound or whatever for me. And tell him California wants him here so we can laugh at him in person. Then put him on tv and give him a makeover where some asshat wearing as asshat and aviator goggles and some mexican dude with ^this kid's haircut will show him how to pick up ladies. Are you still reading this?

This dude must get MAD pussy!

I think his mouth is sexy, sexy like hes ejaculating and shitting and having a heart attack at the same time.

I want to sleeve my foreskin over the tip of his cock and jack him off with it.

I also want to eat his taint.

Spread that new Axe chocolate all over his balls, ass and taint and try to win a pie eating contest!


@48 - That made me squirt.

-takes notes on how to score-

*side note - imposterererer (or whichever imposter you were) - I haven't ever "squirted" PFFBBBBT

@51 maybe I can be the first to make you do that ;)

Wait what!?!
Some ppl have way too much time!!!


@54, just take a xanotab, and you'll feel better.

The office is better anyway...Face the facts Jack. And by Jack, I mean Rebecca

I was really into it untill he started singing, that just turned me off.


Hey Sharpie, you better stop hitting on my girl, I will whoop your ass biotch!

Besides, I made her squirt first PEW PEW PEW

I will catch it all in my mouth.

One time I made my girlfriend cum just by touching and rubbing her nipples.

i was probably grinding my hard meat into her back, but she liked it.

Hey thumper, send me some dirty pics so I can sleeve myself.


When this guy is at his gig, I'll be Busking his mom. She plays the organ like no other.

@58 - If you'd already done that to me, why would you need dirty pics?

I need dirty pics so I can sleeve myself.

Would you rather squirt once and have me lick it up, or would you rather squirt 7 times and have me lick it up?

Lets be honest, well smoke some dope, I'll eat your ass, and you'll probably have the wildest, hottest, hardest night of your life.

I'll even cook dinner.

True story.

I don't smoke dope...
and how is it possible your taint still itches?

The funny part about it is that was the only thing you said no to... but I bet I can get you to take a little puff... worse case scenario you will just get a contact high.

come on, its much more erotic that way. I promise.

And at this point, my name has become my identity.

i suppose I should have started with one that could be longer lasting, but lets face it, its great.

That was Jack Black awesomeness.

@63 - Oh yeah, I forgot - NO, I'm not that kinda girl!

(did anyone buy that?)

So are you saying I can still lick your ass then?

I get to leave early from work now.

you know that that means right bitches?


Thumper, I expect to see some dirty pics or a video in my email when I get home.

I'll take pictures of my explosion and send them to you via FTP.

I'm so like a day to late but that kid is f***ing great he's so serious that shit was so funny!!!

I worked on the mile during the fringe this year and this dude and his friend were in a 'band' there. He didn't shower the entire month of august and has since had a haircut.

KazooKeylele. This is pure genius.

£5 well spent to get him to do it once more. That was actually surprisingly good, although he did have the lyrics at his feet. I told him to go to america by the way, lots of people there wanted to see him, to which, (I think he said) "Yeah, I'll maybe give that a go."

Who knows?

hey guys, cheers for posting this here, here is a faq for you

1. i'm a guy
2. Its called a KAZOO-KEY-LELE
3. i know i can't sing.
4. i know its a minor chord.
5. yes i'm singing with my eyebrows.
6. yes my tongue sticks out
7. yes i am getting laid.
8. I'm from Edinburgh
9. no, its not for sale.
10. ok.. you take a ukulele, saw it in half. then you take a baby piano and put the neck on the piano. put a bridge on it and a kazoo on the neck and bam.

love you!

email me at pnoocekseets@googlemail.com

Love it!
Check out the rock version!

guys, if you're going to sing a cover song, without the vocal effects tht they used in the studio, don't try to emulate the effects with your voice.

"we're heading to venus, venus venus.." is not the way it should be done. it should be one line and the effects are just missing at that point. do it YOUR way. not the way you heard it on the radio.

just a pet peve...

i think someone is a demetri martin fan. Lady's?

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