Oct 9 2008German Artist To Smoke Kurt Cobain's Ashes


German artist Natascha Stellmach has allegedly acquired Kurt Cobain's ashes after they were stolen from Courtney Love's home, where she had been keeping them in a pink teddy bear.

The artist is keeping mum about how exactly she came to be in possession of the remains. She tells Artworld magazine, "That's confidential and kind of magic. They came to me. And I am setting him free."

In a statement announcing her find, Berlin-based Stellmach has detailed her plans to smoke the ashes as part of the forthcoming Set Me Free exhibition at the city's Wagner + Partner gallery on October 11th.

Wow, can you really get high smoking someone's ashes?

UPDATE: Not my grandma's!

German Artist To 'Smoke' Kurt Cobain's Ashes [mtv]

Thanks to Sean, who only smokes asses. If that's cool. If not, then something else.

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No comment!, NEXT

Wait...........shouldn't this be filed under the "Gossip" section?


So...they were stolen and instead of returning them, they are publically going to be smoked. Doesn't quite make sense, but they are *artists* I suppose.

Wow. I think that's a great idea. It's going into my will.

"Upon my death, I wish to be cremated, and to have my ashes mixed with marijuana and then smoked away by a virgin."

By that time though, most virgin's are going to be under the age of ten years old.

@5, hahaha that is so true!!!! kind of sounds like what happened in How High. I wonder if their ghost will appear!

Thank you Sharpie.
Oh, and welcome to the site by the way.

A few things you should know.
-Daisy is a douche bag, and has down syndrome, and even if you ignore her, she's still a twat.
-You will probably have an imposter posting things using your name saying such things as "I like penis." It gets old, but then you start to feel sorry for the bastard who's coming out of the closet, but is too ashamed to do it using his own screen name.
-You will be made fun of. Whether you deserve it or not, you WILL be ripped on.

Mispelling in the title its Kurt Cobain Not Curt Kobain

Ok, it's Cobain, not Kobain. I know he wrote it like that sometimes but whatever. Also, this has been proven false.


The ashes were never stolen.

UPDATE: Natascha Stellmach dies after attempting to smoke Kurt Cobains ashes.

Recapping post #7 for those with little time.

And I quote

7. LSDiesel - October 9, 2008 11:11 AM

...I like penis...

@10, if anyone smoked Cobain's ashes, they would go straight to Nirvana.

You just know that C Love is kicking herself for not thinking up some crazy shiznazzle like this to pull. But seriously, this German chick is obviously used to smoking some serious stuff if she thought this up.

aren't ashes the remains of something that has already been burnt? yes, they are. so how can they be smoked? thats like trying to smoke uhhh you know, ashes. i say she should f***in eat em or make hot cocoa then play the guitar.

@7, Thanks for being honest. I guess Geekologie should create a login for that sake. But i appreciate the honesty.

@11, you should consider writing spark notes.

OMFG I just realized how small my test tickles are. I can't believe it took me so long to realize, but it is an incredible feeling to finally know. OMG this story is so fake, that picture is of the main actor from Biker Boys.

This is just sad. Cobain's ashes should be returned to Courtney Love. This german chick is a selfish nutjob.
@LS - I'm pretty sure you LOVE your own penis, so the "I like penis" statement would make sense in a non gay way...

@7, I guess number 17 is what you would be talking about?

She'd be better off with just licking Keith Richards

@ Sharpie - welcome to geekologie, you have been imposteredededed...
@17 - the show you are thinking of is "Sons of Anarchy" c'mon...

@19, Yes.

And just so everyone knows, my penis and I are fighting right now. So yes, I do love him, but right now, I just don't like him.

Art is dead.

@Thumperchica. Thanks! at least people will know i never talk like that so its easy to tell when someones mocking me. doesn't bother me anyways cause they used the link to my myspace also, which gives my music more plays. Thanks! hahaha

BTW- where is J9999? He should be all over this post...

Recapping #18

And I quote

18. Thumperchica - October 9, 2008 11:28 AM

...pretty...penis...I like penis...gay...


The story is about Curt Schilling, not Curt Kobain. Its completyely photoshopped with a black and white picture that fails to show the red blood of his sock, and the never back down nature of his hall of fame worthy stature.

OMFG i imposter y'all to make you laugh. i try to make it clear that you are being impostered. with lots of OMFGs. i am Icon.

RIP Curt Kobain. We will miss you.

@ 28- I didn't laugh... I cried all the way into a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's breast-milk ice-cream...

I was wondering where Icon had gone. If you are Icon, welcome back, and yes, I'll admit it, we all had a good laugh.

moo-hoo, moo-hoo
See what I did there?

As the great Kurt once said
Rape me
Rape me My friends
Rape me
Rape me again


using down syndrome as an insult is unacceptable.

alright i'm not Icon but i did imposter the shit out of him and i guess scared him off for good? sorry about that. but i laughed by balls off and never backed down, and thats all that matters.

@34, chill out man.

and the rest of you are cool for not hating me. because you dont hate me. right? guys?

Reminds me of those idiots from an episode of 6FU that wanted to snort the ashes of their coke junkie friend that died. Real original.

A PLAGUE ON ALL THEIR HOUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >___< He should be left aloooone...my hero is gonna be smoked by a German =(

Smokey Kurt is delicious with a side of coleslaw.

@24 - Are you using this website to promote your crappy myspace music page? That's a direct violation of our terms of use, and you risk removal from this board by the crack squad at anticlown media. Please adhere to the rules in the future.

What? It should be used as a compliment?

@7: Boy don't I know it! :(

Heh, when I first read this I couldn't stop laughing, but then I really thought about it and how Courtney Love kept his ashes in a pink @!)*#@!) teddy bear. Jesus. Some people might find that cute and whimsical but something tells me the raging cunt did it out of spite. She always treated Kobain like trash. It makes sense that she'd keep his remains in something with a color reminiscent of Pepto Bismol just as a final F.U. to Kurt for killing himself.

Even so, smoking him? I mean, really? I guess I'm not shocked - the Germans could crap in a hat and all the other pseudo-goths and industrial junkies would hail it as the next Mona Lisa.

i miss nirvana. when "you know you're right" came on the radio it blew everything else away. in fact, they still wreck everything else on the radio

( because they dont play fugazi on the radio )

I'm sorry for impoxtorizing y'all. Truth is that i'm a gay guy and I like gay things to be all around me and all over me. Anyone wanna cyber?

Well played. You dirty son of a bitch.

@44, maybe next life when I come back as a gay gorilla.

I hope logins aren't created for this site. The imposter thing has created a whole new buzz around here. It's more fun than dental surgery!

shit man that isn't right.... but anyway, if she tries real hard, she can smoke anything and curt kobain will show up

I admit, being new to the site and all, that I really am a f***ing homo piece of faggot shit. On my myspace contact me, I love having gay unprotected sex! :D

@42, you know it!

I once handled the personal property (homes) for a filthy rich and famous German. His supermodel wife was smokin hot but not very nice if she didn't like you. She used the phrase "stupid Americans" more than once in my presence. She liked me so I guess she didn't consider that I was American when she'd do it.

I'm going to call FAKE!! on this as this chick would still be involved in a crime. I don't think she would announce it until she actually had the smoke and lighter in hand. Unless of course she's just stupid and wants to get arrested.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Impose as me next. /grammar

The next best thing to come out of Germany since David Hasselhoff albums?

Courtney Love said at the time, "I can't believe anyone would take Kurt's ashes from me. I find it disgusting [and] right now I'm suicidal."

did she really say that? that she is suicidal... ? sounds fake.

We have recently been receiving numerous e-mails about creating a log in for users due to impersonating. This is an idea we are thinking about executing for everybody's sake. Lately we have noticed that the devoted users that come to visit the site and comment are getting off the topic listed. If you have any questions or comments please let us know at TIPS@GEEKOLOGIE.COM. Please understand we are working on ways to clean up the insults in each feed and get back to the main purpose of the site.

Thanks guys!---GW

well i set my brother on fire and tried to smoke his ashes but nothing happend......my brother is dead

#23: so true.

I lol'd!

This chick is a f***ing freak...What is it with the Germans and Cannibalism, anyway??? What a sad, messed-up excuse for a 'Human', is all I can say.....
Oh, and P.s.-smoking isn't considered 'Art' in most circles-even human remains-try expressing yourself in less mechanical circumstances-you might get somewhere...

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