Cool: Guy Makes Open Source Gameboy

October 29, 2008


Nearly 20 years after the original, a guy has developed an open source Gameboy made with fairly basic components. If you're interested, you can actually buy a kit with all you need here for $250. Or, if you're MacGyver, you could just make your own with a handful of paperclips, a disposable plastic plate, an iPhone, the batteries from your girlfriend's vibrator. Alternatively, if your girlfriends swears she doesn't have a special friend (despite your having heard a humming in the bathroom), you're going to need a potato.

Hit the jump for another picture and some videos.


Using the InputShield to make an Open Source Gameboy [antipastohw]

Thanks to "Also, in joystick operated related news ...I'll operate your joystick anytime. *wink wink*" Bernstein, who I have the feeling isn't a chick.

  • Bob Jones

    i would like to say that I am disgusted with Matt, who built this "open source" gameboy
    I have scoured the internet looking for instructions on how to build this, but all i see is a 250 dollar price tag on something that cant even play tetris. This is the exact opposite of open source as you are charging obscene amounts of money for something that should be free. Now I do understand that you need to make money off of this, so why not a $30 set for kids to build? you are charging more than a Nintendo DS for something that cant do jack. It would nice to have instructions out there to build something like this from scratch. Its time to stop being greedy Matt, and actually give back to the community

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