Oct 5 2008Artists Make (Functional) Giant Trippy iPod


Russian artists Aristarkh Chernyshev and Alexei Shulgin made this giant trippy iPod. It's fully functional, including the giant earbuds. Why? you ask, why not? the artists reply. Ha, right, because it's freaking stupid. Jesus, it hurts to look at.

This is your iPod on drugs, any questions? [tuaw]

Thanks to Sev, who used to own a giant Walkman.

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Reader Comments

oh look im first ??? i dunnoe y f***ing idiots always so happy when they get 1st...

I suspect a sudden rise in ipod pron...

At first, I thought it was photoshopped. Then I realized I was on weed.

Top rate! That is truly awesome.

duuude this thing is only loaded with Bezerker and russian metal.... buzz kill
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someone should tell the artist that this ipod model is obsolete. Hed probly then hang himself with the oversized earbud cable.

@3, you've obviously never smoked weed before because weed wouldn't make an ipod look like that.

Now shrooms on the other hand...

acid would make that thing look normal



Ask me how to www.notputawebaddressintoeverycommentyouf***ingretard.com.


That's completely photoshopped. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong. Its a nice touch putting a picture from Never Back Down on the iPod though!

@11, which one of those old dudes is you? I'd guess the one with the dick in his mouth.

the cuuurve in the screen doesn't match the curve in the side of the ipod
looks like shit

@ 3. Same thing happened to me just now. and I've seen this post before.

@7. You obviously never have either. He wasn't tripping, he just didn't realize what he saw yet.

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