Oct 1 2008Apple Threatens To Close iTunes Store


Apple is threatening to close the iTunes store over a possible royalty hike.

The National Music Publishers' Association, which represents the interests of music makers and songwriters in the U.S., wants rates to be increased 9 cents to 15 cents, which represents a 66 percent rise.

"If [iTunes] was forced to absorb any increase in the ... royalty rate, the result would be to significantly increase the likelihood of the store operating at a financial loss -- which is no alternative at all," iTunes vice president Eddy Cue said.

ZOMG, I'm gonna have to start downloading music illegally again.

Apple Threatens to Close iTunes Store Over Royalties [foxnews]

Thanks to Bryan, who once downloaded a song illegally but then felt bad about it and gave a streetcorner musician a dollar.

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$.09 to $.15 = operational loss? Too bad, so sad. That is why there is Limewire.



*sigh* I hate crApple. For all of you who still purchase music online, here ya go...



download a bittorrent client, such as ABC and enjoy.

Yea im sure they will shut down their money making machine because of a 6 cent increase per song. All they will do is pass it off to the consumer which is what all businesses do.


ZOMG Limewire!!! Yeah if you don't love your computer, and want it to hate you because you gave it a case of the interweb aids...

What an obvious fake.

The shadows are all wrong. This looks like a screen shot of Baja's computer in Never Back Down. I for one think these shenanigans need to end!

I thought my computer was lookin' a little skinny and pale. And what's with all those blotches? My computer is a whore.

Riiight. Because at $0.99 per song their profit margin is so slim they're just barely squeaking by. Give me a break.

I dont know why people are always saying Limewire gives you viruses.

Ive been using it for 4 years and i have never gotten a virus off of it. You gotta be real stupid to get one from it.

LimeWire and uTorrent are all i need =]

Just remember kids. And APPLE a day keeps the doctor away.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don't wanna buy whole cds.....
eat shit, apple people!

Apple is just posturing and flexing its muscles like Hans and Frans. The music girlie men will cowah and cry like little babies at the thought of them not selling their little baby songs. They can't do it themselves so Apple did it for them (selling music and making money).

Besides, Apple would be stupid to shut down iTunes...which they won't do. The music industry has to learn to take what they can get - or they will get nothing (limewire etc.). Why bite the hand that feeds you?


Actually, Apple makes about 20 to 29 cents profit per download, the rest goes to the artist and their label. So, if Apple were to have to absorb .15, it would be a loss including operating expenses.

Do a little research before posting your ignorant babble.

The iTunes Store is "too big to fail" though! Where's a bail out? Bailout anybody?

Oh BOO HOO. Poor Apple, they don't make any money, they're on the verge of bankruptcy constantly, BARELY getting by. Steve Jobs is a f***ing hobo for crying out loud.

Good god this is pathetic. I hate Apple, almost as much as I hate oil executives. They have so f***ing much, and just want more.

I can't beleive anyone who knows how to use the internet still uses limewire.


Limewire is awesome. You never know what you're going to get when you download a song. 99% of the time your options are:

1. A virus, spyware, adware, malware, etc.
2. The actual song, but it will only be the chorus on a loop for the entire thing.
3. A third of the actual song, then static, silence, etc.
4. A completely different song.

It's fun in every download!

I remember I came across a snuff film while looking for porn.

True story.

Hm.. my favorite was the film where the guy shoves his head up some ugly slags vag. Lucky you.

Also true story.

@13 what are you taking about. if the rates are raised to 15 cents then that makes 84 cents gross income. if you tie in the fact its a website then you realise the fixed cost are tiny given the tens millions of song a day they are selling. where are you getting 20-29 cents a song info from aside your ass. even if it were true they they would still make millions a day or $365m+ a year from their just their website.
Apple is just digging their heals in, they will never shut the site. if they did all that would happen is their competitors would take their market share as well as an increase in illeagal downloads. are you
why dont you realise your talking ignorant babble before talk down to others.
DOUCHE BAG LOVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Not so great at math are you? Let me spell it out for you since you don't seem to understand fully my comment.

Apple MAKES .29 per download, not the remaining .70. I don't know where YOU are getting that they make .84, but you're incorrect. My source is from Wired, one of the most reputable sources of technology information on the web (see: http://blog.wired.com/music/2008/03/apple-apparentl.html).

Welcome to dumbassville, population, you.

By the way, nice job on the last part. I especially liked where you have "are you why don't you...", that you are too stupid to spell realize correctly, and the comment about a "douche bag lover" with 12 (no, I didn't actually count) exclamation points. You failed on so many levels.

Is middle school out this early in the day?

@20 again.

Soon after I posted did I realiZe where you got your .84 profit came from. Are you really that stupid to think that everything Apple sells on iTunes is profit? Apple pays a license fee to the artist and their label to sell that song/album. Apparently that failure you got in math also carried over to economics and business courses.

Limewire eats computers.

So will we pay our songs 1,05$....?

@22 - So you don't love me?

Pfft... Like I care.... close that shit-store. Maybe they'll actually stop popping iTune up for update whenever I needed Quicktime update?

Close the shit-store already!

MP3s are old news.... Net Radios are better, less hassle with the files, more space for games.

limewire? seriously?

uh, try songbird.

who the hell pays to download? Illegal downloading rocks!

God, I can't believe there's so many nublets still using limewire. Either use private trackers, usenet or a decent Warez site and rapidshit. I'd say which Warezsite but the last thing it needs is a wave of more moron children for the admins to ban. =/

ZOIKS!! hey #29, i pay to download, but only 14 centavos per track. http://www.soundsbox.com/?aff=200

F***ING LOVE IT!! all you dumbasses that fell for Apples geigh colorful marketing trix are gonna eat shit now.

Should have saved your cash for an MP3 player that actually plays.....wait for it....MP3s!!!!!


I doubt that they're going to close down iTunes. They're making a big deal out of potentially closing the store so when they raise the prices the sheep will be so relieved that they'll hardly make a sound. So far there's no way to get any legal music via the internet due to apple putting so many restrictions on the ipod. Unless you know one of the 1-3 legal download sites on the web, most people can only get their legal music via iTunes or by transferring it from a cd. (And even now the slimeballs in the recording industry are trying to make that illegal.)

f*** the shit-store.

Net-Radio is better than MP3-crap.

Call me ghey, but I just buy CDs and whatnot and listen to music that way. Or I turn on one of the music channels that comes with digital cable. And *gasp* in the car I usually listen to talk RADIO. My god I'm so behind the times. I should keep a diary by pounding into some rocks with mammoth bones. Whoooooo.

If I hear a song i like I just download the entire discography through BitTorrent.
Yea i'm a wanker. But a wanker with lots of free music to wank to.

The music industry is forced to give the person who owns the performance copyright a mechanical license of 9.1 cents for every song under 5 minutes so that they are able to manufacture it to mechanical devices. Songs over the 5 min mark it becomes 1.75 cents for each minute so if u have a song thats 5:01 - 6 min long it becomes 6 x 1.75 cents. However in America the companies can get around this by contractual agreements. Most often if your a musician whos not big they wont get all of the 9.1 cents or the 1.75x instead they will give you only a percentage of that 9.1 cents or they will only give you 9.1 cents no matter how long the song. So when they bitch about the 9 cents they really aren't paying 9 cents unless you are a big known star and can force it in the contract. As a musician, they better up it to 15 cents its not that big of a deal and chances are u wont see all of that 15 cents.

but mommmmmmmmm, i wanted to download a songggg why do you have to close the store????? gaawwwwwdddddd i hate this place. im gonna run away.

If I like the artist, I will support them (more accuratley their record label...) by buying their CD's.

Although, I actually have heard some artists say that they would RATHER their fans download their music illegally, because most of the money you spend on the CD goes to the label and not the band.

wtf is itunes store??

"I'm gonna have to start downloading music illegally again."

Me *cough* too.

Apple shutting down? What a load of crap! They're actually going to shut down the companion store to that little product called the i-pod?

Anyone that would swallow this is truly going to believe anything. By the way, I have this bridge for sale. I'll ship it anywhere for free.

Yea its true that most of the money does go to the label but these artists get an advance and if they dont sell enough cds then they will end up having to pay it back so bands can easily become in debt especially the indie bands who need that money from the upfront advance cause they dont have money. Download it first then if it sounds good buy a cd sounds better anyway and you are supporting your bands so they can continue to do their art.

so what is the very best site to download that wont give my computer clamidia?
I just wanna download NEVER BACK DOWN without worry.

Limewire = Lime Disease

Who pays for f***ing music noobs!!!

Apple is the gay (ghey)

All you Itunes bashers, who keep shouting about illegal downloads, you just categorized yourself as pizzafaced teen boys, who just loooove My Chemical Romance, or bubblegum chewing teengirls who love shiny accessories on your cellphones, and crank up the volume on it in public transportation, so we all have to listen to Britney Spears.

If you got a musictaste just a little beyond that category of crapmusic, you canĀ“t find it with limewire or torrentsites

God - the majority of you are such infants. Keep downloading through Limewire, and keeping $ from the labels/artists. Ooooh you're soooo cool 'cause you don't pay for music. Retards.

Secondly, Apple has been fighting hard to keep songs at $0.99 each, and to allow single-only downloads. If they didn't have the marketshare, and keep standing their ground, you'd be paying 4x that much per song, or only be able to d/l whole albums with 2 good songs, and the rest filler. MS seems to cave more to label demands than Apple.

I seriously don't understand you morons (not an all-encompassing statement, as you know who you are).

I download the songs through limewire and if I like them, I just buy the whole cd... 4 years using limewire
No viruses yet

you just have to have a good antivirus

omg i dont even use itunes i use mp3raid. seriously.... 100 songs would add up 2 $100.00!! iii would rather spend mah money on other thiiingz

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