Sep 17 2008World's Shortest Man Meets Leggiest Woman


The Guinness Book of World Records held an event yesterday in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the release of the 2009 edition. Among the attendees were Svetlana Pankratova, world's leggiest woman (at 52"), and He Pingping, the world's shortest man (at 2' 5.37"). As you can see, the photoshoot gave He the perfect opportunity to score a worm's eye view of Svetlana's love nest. Nice He, but if I was you I would have climbed one of those legs and built a treehouse.

Shortest Man Meets Leggiest Woman [aol]

Thanks to Pat, who swears he dated a chick with even longer legs and had to use a grappling hook to have sex.

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Reader Comments

Seriously? He Pingping? LOL

I think he knows for sure she's not a natural blonde.


To much?


OK- I'm confused. Are her legs really 52"? And from where are they measuring? (I had a 15" dick until I stopped measuring from my belly-button. It's all relative I guess.)
Seariously. 4'4" legs? Amazon!

Actually, it kinda looks like she just gave birth to a drag queen. Plop! right there on the cement.

Too much?

Oh- and the 80's called, they want their slouched jersey dress back.

She looks like a really tall Princess Di. That little guy is so cute!

I want her for Christmas. That will keep me amused for a few hours!

Still not leggy enough for me

I want the job measuring women's legs for the record books...

Heads up little guy!

Holy Shit:

I think I work with a relative of hers...

That little f***er is CUTE. I want that little dude running around my house making mischeif...would be way better than a monkey.

Yesterday, I saw a 4'5" 350lb black woman wearing that exact same dress....same color, jersey cotton and, unfrotunatley, same size. There was stuff everywhere. I'm pretty sure that one is the bizarro world version of the other, I just don't know which one is which.


Hoop, Leggy Blonde, you got it goin' on
Wanna see you wearin' that thong thong thong
See you gettin' down till the break of dawn
*Mumble mumble mumble*
Panties on

i was thinking the same thing.

Did no one notice him gazing up-skirt in the video on youtube??
13 seconds into it....

He could walk through her legs and not even have to worry about hitting his head on her cooch.

That is crazy stuff.

Leggy Blonde!


He doesn't appear to be living up the the Groper family standards.

It would be even cuter if he had a tiny umbrella open over his head.


@19- LMOA funny, "...tiny umbrella ella ella ay ay ay."

*That's a huge bitch!*

I don't care to see her love nest, but I would pump her lust shanty till she melts!

He could have easily sat on the steps but no, they made him sit on several phone books to bring more attention to his tininess.


Its okay, that little guy is biggg where it counts ;)

#25, you mean his big ass nose?

#15 @ the link: 1:27 "DUDE that was my book! ...damn"

wow....thats funny lol


Flight of the Condors FTW

Funny if he tilted his head up

How tall is that woman??
I keep hearing the length of her legs but not her total height. She must be like what, 7ft or something?

I'm suprised the writer didn't crack a joke about the little guys name... He Pingping needs to change his name to He PEEPing.


"As you can see, the photoshoot gave He the perfect opportunity to score a worm's eye view of Svetlana's love nest"

I would kill to be in between those two pine trees... damn gyrl !!!

O.o' Are her legs really 52"? (+1)
Is my legs 17'' (+/-)
Woool !
And he's so little !
incrível o que se vê por ai !

p.s. translate ? HAHAHAHAHAHA

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