Sep 26 2008Wicked Case Mod: Computers As Wall Art


Designer Fredrik Perman decided to jazz up the lobby of his new office with a little custom built computer casage. There are actually six computers in the setup, designed for serious rendering.

The acrylic case doesn't have a top and sides to add some ventilation, and a battery of six, upward-blowing LED-lit fans keep everything cool. That monitor allows access to the render farm from the lobby (though there are several other terminals on the other side of the wall, all linked to the unit by a KVM switch).

Not bad. But you know what would look even better than a computer tacked to the wall? Deez nuts. It would hurt, but it's true.

Hit it for several more.




The ultimate PC case mod: 6 powerful PCs in one glorious case [dvice]

Thanks to Ryan, who once modded a case of beer into a drunken debacle.

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Reader Comments

f***ing wack

Hehe, I think this is a considerable upgrade from neon beer logo signs and other [insert bachelor pad-esque item here].

Just, uh, don't look directly into it.

Amy, you are hot!

I second the thirds statement while being FOURTH!!


That's a complete photoshop job. You can tell because the shadows are all wrong. Plus the guy in the picture is cut right out of the stills from Never Back Down.

@3 - If you think she's hot, just take a look at me.

It's cool looking, and the guy who (appears to have) built it isn't that hard on the eyes either (C-n-P not withstanding).

Looks cool, but would be a complete annoyance after a week.

I am overwhelmed by the juxtaposition of nature (cacti) and extreme technology existing in perfect harmony with only feet of shitty coffee table between them. This thing sucks. It is one of those ideas that is cool because you could do it and super lame because you did.

Standing at the wall to work would get old after a while.

Plus where do I put my drink, and box of kleenex?

@9 - Agreed, who in the hell decorated this place? It looks like some sort of 1985 rendition of what a living room of the future was supposed to look like.

@ 6

Amy is a revered and desperately wanted woman around here. Give her a little respect and please refrain from references to her tender vittles.

See what I did there?

Love you Amy.

This is really cool and elimantes the need for wasting space with over-suzed desks. The standing terminal is more erginomically correct, eliminating back problems for the user - overall, I love this.
And the guy who made the mod - total cutie, I'd let him render my terminal...

@ 12 - I frequent this blog and this is the first time I have heard of this Amy character. She seems to have her pick of the litter though. Get it? Litter, litter box, litter of kittens... ok, I'm done.

Um, might I just say that this is sweet? Don't know if I'd want one in my house, but it still looks really cool.

yet another example of what happens when geeks try to make art

@16- Exactly! Like the effing grasshopper from hell clock.

Hey dipshits! Why don't you RMPL?

It's an office lobby and there are several terminals hooked to it from the office on the other side of the wall.

Sometimes I have to take control so I know you clowns can understand when I insult you on occasion. Oh and most of you are just not all that bright to begin with.

I just hope amy is a gurl... you never can tell in cyber space these days...

@18- thanks for the heads-up. WTF is RMPL?


Stop kissing me, you're a pain deep in my colon.

@Mombo - now your superior intellect is forever cemented in the glorious halls of the internets...
EVERYONE BOW TO MOMBO - for he is your better... at least in his own mind...

@22, I agree. I know I lose a little respect for people when they start their posts off with "hey dipshits"

I'm not sure what it is about guys that build stuff like this... but it's hot.

Now if he GAMES on it too... Marry me please :)

@20, RMPL = Read More Post Less

@22 & 23, apparently you haven't been here long. It's sarcasm and comedy. Nothing I say is meant to be taken seriously. Oh and I have twice as many post that are self deprecating.

This is the last time I explain........until the next time.


Thanks, Mombo'.

Cool CPU, I guess. Is that his monitor though? Man, that thing is small, I've got bongs with bigger screens!

@18 - How do you know whats on the other side of the wall? Did you open up your monitor and look at the other side of the picture?

@18, no I just did something novel, I read GW's commentary.

And I Quote:

"That monitor allows access to the render farm from the lobby (though there are several other terminals on the other side of the wall, all linked to the unit by a KVM switch)."

Wow, I was just kidding before but you really are stupid.

Oh and I'm really stupid as well because I put a 1 in front of the 8 instead of a 2.

So, to review, my last post was meant for #28 and not 18.

Computer on the wall? Obviously never heard of Ergonomics: comfy chair, box of tissues, some KY, ...Guest #1: What's that stain on the wall over there? and that smell?

@Mombo - speaking of not understanding sarcasm...

For all you posters pining for Amy, a little heads up: (whispers) any response from her may not REally be from her. It could be what I like to call an AMYBOT. ITS A TRAP!! Maybe.
Save yourself the embaresment of defiling yourself to writings of a stranger until you know it is really her. I wish someone had done this for me a couple of days ago.
My life=cautionary tale

Oh yeah, the rig....

I'm pretty sure that God surfs the hallowed pages of Geekologie on that very same set up

@29,30 - How could you possibly read the commentary when your monitor is opened up & turned around?

Nice concept... I really like the idea. Hope to set like that on my office too. Stumbled!

Holy f***, those lights would annoy the shit out of me. This is one of those nerds that loves to jack off under the warm glow of headache-inducing 800 LEDs.

I worked in this office and used this render farm every day. I had nothing at all to do with the creation of it, but I saw the whole process from start to finish. To the right of the cacti in the first picture was the door to the office - this was our reception area. Other then software updates and checking up on the progress of a rendering, nobody would be standing in front of the monitor unless we were showing a client our process. As to any other comments on the hardware - this was done on a low budget with the existing computer parts. Functionally this design made it so that we never needed to go into the other room on the other side of the wall (other then restarting the file server) and this saved time since this would require us to leave one office and go into another where we could not communicate with the other designers. Here you could see a job was missing mapping coordinates, delete the job and tell that designer to resubmit his job all from one location since the design studio is directly behind you when standing at the keyboard.

This was actually designed and built by two professional designers, not nerds or geeks though they do know their way around computers.

Whazzup Chaz!
Thanx for the explanation. ;) Yeah, I think I saw the UPS guy playing tetris on it once to kill some time, but besides that we just glanced over to make sure it was crunching renderings. And the IT tech sure preferred chillin' in the same realm as the front desk girls - rather than being locked up in the server room. You gotta let those guys out once and a while, breath of fresh air..! (Notice glade plugin?) ;)

@38 - So how come they put old time Roman Shields on the wall? Did you speak latin and persecute christians there too?

haha that living room looks like a 3d rendering of a living room modeled by a beginner modeler. This is the antonym to feng shui.

btw amy is kinda cute lookin... looks like from her pictures that she also likes Silent Hill.. how can you not like that!

I dunno, I think I would have put a big a$$ fishtank instead.

It is a very great modding case art !

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