Sep 16 2008Where's Waldo?: The Waldo Ultimatum

This is a little movie made by sketch group The Imponderables combing Where's Waldo? and The Bourne Ultimatum. Man, I freaking loved finding Waldo. Sometimes he would hide so good! I remember one time there was a guy that looked almost identical, but it wasn't really him! Good times, good times. But seriously, f*** those Magic Eye books, I could never see shit.

Fun Fact: Where's Waldo? ranks #88 on the 100 Most Frequently Banned Books list because there's a topless chick in the upper right corner of the "On The Beach" scene. Go here to see just how inappropriate it isn't.


Thanks to Carl, who not only found Waldo, but kicked his little Harry Potter ass.

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w0000 First go me i roxor ur sox


whatever happend to Nemo?

NSFW!!!!! That topless chick just got me fired! But it was totally worth it!!

First Relevant Comment!

The boob-banned waldo illustrates two things - the stupidity of zero tolerance policies, and also the idiocy of boobs as a "private" body part.

We humans were made to feed from the mothers teat, and once we are old enough to be weaned we can't see them any more. What a ripoff.

...And we've just learned Farva'sTwin wants to see his mom's t***.

you're right boobs are just boobs
I see guys that have boobs too lol but we can see those still *_*

I want to see them even more now that she got implants.

Dad is so lucky.

The topless chick looks like Gary Busey.

Dude, the Magic Eye books rocked!
BTW- I found waldo!

Farva, indeed he is, indeed he is.

Why does #5 want to see his mother's boobs? Isn't that somewhat strange in an incestuous sort of way?

See what I did there?

Sooo... they have a problem with the cartoon ladyboobs, but not the guy directly above her who's clearly getting reamed by his own umbrella?

Only #88?! I've jacked off to less sexual images than that!! If they are going to ban that they should ban the entire Nancy Drew series too!!

NIN spotting at 0:30! Middle of The Big Come Down. :3 *waddles on her way back to the corner she trolls geekologie from*

Awesome clip!

What the f***!!!!
Back at the beginning of the year, I jokingly suggested making a trailer in which someone asks the question "Where's Waldo?" in a very intense, action movie voice, then it goes to a giant building exploding with Waldo walking away slowly. It also featured agents chasing Waldo, through a room of plastic life sized Waldos, dressed like Waldo of cours, although some would feature variations (goggles, hiking back pack and cane, white beard).

The end would have had Waldo in a showdown with that wizard dude who's always in the books.

I can't f***ing believe this.

After watching that, I'm a bit bummed that it's not real and that it's not going to be a real movie :\

Farva's Twin sucks butts jigga. You consider your comment the first relevant one because youre the first one to state some bs that you truly believe is true. Why dont you just walk up to a female, tell her that her boobs aren't "private", then proceed to give em a nice squeeze. And i will urinate on myself. Jerk.

cool! i miss waldo. got a chuckle seeing another lost icon
carmen san diego.

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