Sep 16 2008Tokyoflash: Telling Time With The Negative


Tokyoflash is back at it, this time with a wicked new design -- The Negative. The appropriately named device tells time using the negative space created by lit LEDs.

Available in polished silver or polished black, Negative's LCD screen is always displaying the time, allowing the wearer to read it with a quick glance. What really brings this design to life is its multi color LED light guide. At the touch of a button, the display can be backlit with one of seven user selectable colors, a feature which is most impressive at night.

The watch can display time both vertically and horizontally, and will set you back about $162. I'm really digging it. The Negative. Speaking of which, guess what -- the test came back and I AM NOT THE FATHER! This can only mean one thing -- my girlfriend is slut positive.

Hit the jump for several more pictures of the awesome.





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Reader Comments

Rad. I want one.
First, btw

Black or Silver? I'm going with Silver

I would never be able to figure that out when drunk. FAIL

I'd prefer it if it was rotated 90 degrees and I would be able to see it when i looked at my arm.

I think I'd be able to read it easier if there were a solid bar of pixels across the top and bottom.

Oops my bad on post #5 - I didn't say anything smart-ass or offensive. I promise it won't happen again. is your bad
shame shame...........and i want one of these....badly


The last one had much more going for it style and innovation wise. This reminds me of all those wood block with Jesus spelled out in the negative space.

link to the last one referenced above


I love these watches. I was torn between G version IP Black and Negative, but was sold on the fact I can change the LED to different colors on Negative. Yay colors!

And you can rotate the display 90 degrees, there are pictures on the site. :)

I just picked up a rogue. which is wayyyyyy cooler than this.

The Rogue is pretty bad ass. I'm looking into buying one with next weeks allowance.

I bought one of the Shinshoku. I may just have to start collecting these bad boys.

Oh Gosh, this is DOPE!

Got to owned it.

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