Sep 12 2008The Latest Microsoft Ad With Bill And Jerry

This is Microsoft's latest (and longest, at 4:30) commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates. I found it moderately entertaining. But what I really took away from the experience was this: if Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld ever stayed at my place, I'd rob those suckers blind. Or at least 20/100. That was a vision joke!


Thanks to Doug and Popadopolis, you can come stay at my place anytime. Just bring beer.

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That was actually pretty darn amusing

I DON'T GET IT..... What was the point?

The point was that Microsoft is bringing about connections. In this case the company caused two people who have no clue what "real life" is like to attempt connecting with a family of "real people." The line Seinfield delivers, "You're not real," opens up a series of the pair trying to find real people to interact with.

That's my guess anyways. The message aside, the video was pretty funny.

Funny, but what's the point?

Fake. The head gasket is on the top of the engine block, not the bottom of the car. Obviously granny doesn't know shit about cars.

the point is brand association. you know who jerry seinfeld is; you know who bill gates is. now there here, together, amusing, like-able, and the hope (point) is that you'll associated familiar people and like-able to microsoft.

i.e. the ol' reach around

Not amusing, but then again its far from the danish humor i'm used to.
And the point was connecting with people

Hahahaha! Now take that you thisadmakesnosenseitsnotfunny apple fanboys!!!!

Bill Gates needs acting classes.

this shit is gay! i can't believe i watched the whole thing, again!

Fiorz, i think the fact that bill comes off like hes being drug around and not really into it while his lines come off as trying to be genuine make it the funny that it is

steve jobs would never stoop to this. they couldn't find anyone better than jerry seinfeld? go make another bee movie asswad!

Better than the first.

still sucks.

i liked it better than the last one

funny... but... they didn't seem to manage to connect to the "real people"... so... where is the positive message about microsoft? "oh, it didn't work, bad luck, we tried... now, let's give up and go home... ah! and on our way back, I'll do a little robot. just cause I can. " huh?

Bill Gates is old. And he wars his pants too high. Because He's old. And old people do that, it's like their only way to be funny.
Good lord... All those billions and he can't get a decent haircut.

Rox: Good point! ;-)

oh god theve gone senile...

hey the dad is doug, mel's husband from flight of the conchords!

@#12 - agreed, steve is way too high and mighty.

Uhhh... good effort Bill. It made me chuckle.

am i the only one who does not find these funny at all???

I disagree with Icon. I think Granny was investigating alternative causes of the fault before deciding that the head gasket was at fault. Without the right kit that diagnosis would rely on alternative investigation. So in conclusion - not fake.

I think that the family, in contrast of Bill and Jerry actually represents Macs. Check out some of these points:
1. When they are eating, the man who owns the house gives em something "new" to try, like Mac always does (iPod every 2 months anyone?) but then Bill is like "didnt we have this before?" and Jerry says "yeah, just covered in cheese".

2. The part where Jerry is playing table tennis w/ the girl he becomes frustrated with the "noob" so to speak - PC is saying that Mac isn't as experienced and doesn't have the skills required to help people really connect. Also, "why is there only one ball" is a small reference to the 1 button mouses everyone used to hate (and the damn 1 button Macbook)

3. When 1 of the sons in the house steals the mustard or w/e from the fridge, the father makes a scene about it, making himself look righteous, just to steal it himself - something Mac seems to do - look righteous and then backstab.

4. The part where Bill shows the awesome video game to the little kid is a reference to the fact that Macs suck at running games, and that's still dominated by the PC.

5. This part I dont have enough technical knowledge for - but when the family asks Jerry how much things are worth/what they should do with money, perhaps it is a reflection of Mac looking to Windows to price things - keeping prices in line.

6. The little girl that puts the Giraffe into Bill's bag represents the fact that Mac is willing to use dirty tactics to defeat the PC (this ad's competition)

7. "Its his car. Its his driveway. Its none of my business" - bad customer support on behalf of Mac (I know this myself seeing as how the people at the store didn't know what was on their site for the last 2 months and tried charging me $400 for a new iPhone instead of $200 - it was broken)

8. "How long till it gets warm? It never gets warm." - shows that no matter how long Mac has been working on their systems, they are still failing to do important things (in my case, play games :D )

Im sure theres some more nuances but Im just listing some of the ones that were more apparent to me :)

23. Eelill - September 13, 2008 7:18 AM

Real nice man, after having read your post, it kinda all makes sense

well put, Eelill

I liked it. I think it got its message across.

And for some reason, I really think Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld are a great couple.

I really like how, instead of taking the pathetic low road and making commercials that just bash at their competition, they aim to make something funny and memorable, with some hidden context that is all the same trying to sell their product. not just trash other companies.

i've always fun the Pc v Mac commercials that apple puts out to be in very poor taste.


The only people who enjoy watching those "pc vs mac" ads are MACfanboys
who find it funny that all mac can do is stoop down to bashing PC.

For every single dumb ass commercial they made I can come up with a 100% correct rebuttal to their statement!!!!!


the VERY beggining when the dad asks "have you had scallop potatoes before"
BILL - "yes, I have"

Mac trys to introduce something that PC already had.

"she's been here for 12 years"
mac books, MACpro, MAC OSX ...ALL that has looked\been\functioned the same since they've started.
When the kid is listening to bill telling the story
the kid says "are there any monster in this story"

bill says "yes, but there are firewalls"
so bill is saying, yeah there are viruses(monsters) but VISTA (firewall) stops em
Good commercial because its soo deep, but not everyone is going to pick up on these little hints...i give it 8\10

Boring. Yeah, this commercial is made for you to think about, but seriously; who is going to want to think about a commercial.
Its TV, so we are being force-fed stuff, so you might as well stick to force-feeding us the point of the commercial.

I do not like Apple at all, I totally shun them, but Apple is totally obliterating Microsoft in advertising...

meh.. my eyesight is 20/500


WOW that was awful, a little confusing, was that supposed to be funny? i don't get it. so they pretty much talked about how much stuff they have and how they think they are above and beyond us "normal people" F*** YOU BILL! microsoft can suck a dick! this "ad" made no f***ing sense, so because they hung out with some middle class f***s then they feel they have done us a favor? or like that's such a f***ing achievement??? I can f***ing hang out at mother f***er's houses and mooch on their shit too!!!!!!! damn....... jerry seinfield, you f***ing douchebag!

i give it a -978234567836028523947 out of -989234567836028523946

ROFL @ how # 32. felt it needed to throw in swearing.

because we all know swearing is what makes your posts cool and logical

Tha was quite a bit better than the first for sure. Not bad, just a bit gratuitous. Make me like Bill Gates though, he seems happy to not take himself too seriuosly and that rocks. Imagine Steve "god complex" Jobs trying to pull that off... and I'm a Mac user...!

Wow that commercial looked great on my iPhone!

This is a whole new way of marketing.

microsoft seems so desperate now. going out on a limb with your dignity, like that... wow. vista is teh fAil.

Bill Gates doing the robot at the end was really dumb. Otherwise, it was a pretty funny commercial.

funny ass commercial. I watched it on my MacBook pro. I guess these commercials are long overdue. Since I'm not a gamer my mac works perfectly fine doing other important things like running CS3 for homework, or running serrato when I DJ. One thing that makes windows fail so hard is, a DJ was doing his thing on a windows laptop and his system blue screened on him during his DJ set. Fail. But funny commercials.

ROFL$4URu$ R3X @ 34, yeah, i just realized what hepened there, damn that was a lot of 7h3h sw3rz! hmmm....... I just got so angry at Seinfield, theat piece of shit mother f*** pisses me off! 0000h $n@pzz!!!!!!111oneone there it is again! the curse words, I guess Seinfield just has that effect on me........ :-P

Not loving these, is it just me?

It's not deep, you only found deeper meaning cos you're a virgin

Are they selling stupid?

@42, 43 & 44, THANK YOU!



Well, it is strange to see Jerry Seinfeld doing this, after 10 years of "Seinfeld" (the sitcom) where, in the apartment of Jerry, on the desk was always an Macintosh or an Apple. I think that the idea of the add is that when you are old you get what have left in the real life... You can't afford too much "excitement" anymore. That's the old woman...

Remarkably stupid. Pompous, self-important, and really cloying. You know, cute+clawing = cloying. Peeeee - -- uuuuu.

hahaha they steal some shit from the family. awesome.

WTF was that ?

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