Sep 11 2008Super Mario Saves The Princess Cartoon

If you haven't seen or heard already, Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy) is releasing a bunch of web cartoon episodes called Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Comedy. This is one of the first, and it's what happens after Mario rescues the princess in Super Mario Bros. Now not to be a soiree shitter, but I kind of expected more. I mean, Princess Peach didn't even lift her dress to reveal she's swinging a monster Hammer Brother down there. Which, admit it, would have been comedy copper, possibly silver. And hot.


Thanks to Silver Sided and Richard, both of whom actually did bang the princess after rescuing her.

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It would be funnier if she was showing her hoo-ha as an actual peach...

first?? lol and i thought it was great! and funny! lol cant wait to see the rest...

The day I watched three Family Guy episodes in a row was the day I realised how morbidly unfunny Seth MacFarlane actually was (and I used to be a FAN). This cartoon only confirms it. Laame.

Loved it.

Yeah I gotta agree w/ this. Family Guy still makes me chuckle. American Dad is less funny than Dane Cook, and this was just lame. Didn't we all make jokes about how Mario and the Princess never got together when we were all 6 years old? And the lame intro w/ the Indians and the blow darts - you all may not know this but it plays before all of his lame "Cavalcade of Comedy" clips. So yeah... skip forward 25 seconds. There's another video at, but spoiler alert: it's lame.

Truth is that he needs his writing staff on Family Guy - note the credits on the show - he almost never is the writer of the episodes.... This is why.

I agree with Required Name. He thinks simply referencing things equals comedy. Simply mentioning what Mario did isn't funny. Anyone who's played the game knows what he did. If you want humorous commentary about NES games, try the Angry Video Game Nerd or Seanbaby.

He also thinks long drawn-out conversations about nothing that don't go anywhere are funny. It was amusing the first few times, but hearing Seth MacFarlane stammering isn't chuckle-worthy for very long, especially considering his limited voice-acting range. Mario sounds like a bunch of the characters on Family Guy, but with a poor Italian accent.

@2 - When I actually posted First, I chose not to be a f***tard and say it. Hoping to thereby eliminate any gay First comments on at least one post in the history of Geekologie. Now, not only have you FAILED by not actually being first, you smashed my dream... BASTARD!

That video was just as lame as Family Guy. It makes me sick every time I find myself finding that show at all funny. And you can't avoid it, it's everywhere. People go apeshit for that hooey.
Oh well, to each his/her own.

@ 7 - do you really think that bitching people out for calling first and bragging about how you are better at being first is better, or even significantly different? The only thing you've done is injected a whole lot of negativity.
But I guess that's what this internet shits is all about huh.

F*** all a y'all!
I'm the best!

I didn't even crack a smile. f***ing stupid.

I thought it was hilarious, because I don't have a stick up my ass.

Agreed # 11

If anyone else thinks this isn't funny, post your shit and we will see if it's any better.

@7 - Why do you hate firsts? You probably never saw in the movie Never Back Down where Baja says "Second is just the first loser, PEWPEWPEW"

I was expecting these to kind of deviate from the Family Guy formula...bit disappointed. Overdone comedy, but I still laughed. Just a little.

everyones a comedian. nobody's funny. except for me. and i'm not even a comedian. i say piss fish to your comic elitist bs. you hippie comformists. i am the terminator 2, also.

the star thing made me smile, everything else was unfunny though

Wow, sarcasm is wasted in comment posts... BASTARDS (I thought that would give it away- that and the whole "you killed my dream" thing)
So young, so angry, damn that crappy Never Back Down...

Too bad Robot Chicken did a VERY similar skit with Link and Zelda already!

@16 same here

I like that the dragon totally ate her head off--that's what she gets for being such a PC stuckup biatch! Yeah! In your face, not-wanting-to-kiss-italian-stereotype-game-character hobag! Who's a princess NOW? Huh? Who's a princess NOW?! HA!


ps - and my t*** are nicer, too

sigh. disappointing indeed.

wow. how can people find this funny?

I fully support giving the damn princess to Bowser after that. 8 damn worlds and all I get is a handshake? What am I, Link from the Legend of Zelda??

I really hate everything Seth MacFarlane creates.

pandering to the nerd masses

Swing and a miss, Seth.

@23 - You might give her to Bowser, but you would still wanna watch...

The reason that the 'FIRST' thing is stupid is because A) there is already a number there beside the comment so we know who was first every single time; B) this is not a competition and if you think it is you are a total douche.

and citing 'never back down' also qualifies the douche certification.

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