Sep 9 2008New Esquire Magazine With E-Ink Cover

Did you pick up a copy of the 75th anniversary Esquire magazine yesterday to keep abreast of men's fashion? No? Well how about for the "first e-ink cover in history"? No? Well don't fret, because this is a video of the thing. As you can see, it's a magazine with a little e-ink panel. So what does this mean for magazines of the future? They're gonna consume more power.


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More like Donkey Kong!

effing YES that's too cool, no?

Great idea however what do you do about recycling when we are already having trouble around the world with waste? Once again another idea gone bad just like the self expiring DVD discs and the digital book that's in a form of a book with a screen inside : \

Pretty cool!

(Singing really loudly)Gonna go back in time!

Mmm... Boring? Yes.
Plus it was probably a million dollars to buy a stupid magazine with a flashing cover.
If I was going to spend a million dollars on a magazine, ALL the pages better be flashing. And telling me I'm hot.

@7: the issue was 6 bucks, 2 bucks more than a regular issue.

@4: esquire itself has instructions up about how to recycle it:

Looks cool, but hopefully the somewhat flexible attribute changes. Only makes the front, inside-front, back, and back cover usable. Throw a whole bunch of those on the inside pages and it becomes a weapon. haha

I think this is cool for a groundbreaking achievement, but once all the magazines (if or when) start doing this, it's bound to become annoying as you can't walk past a news stand, or check out lane without being barraged by a horrible assault of video and color. I think that we all might get tired of the idea quicker than we expect if it becomes remotely common.

...unless it plays porn. Lots of porn. I would be all for that. But in that case, it would just be my laptop.

@4: "Great idea however what do you do about recycling..."

E-ink is the ultimate in saving resources. Not the way they've used it here - which is more like a EV panel gimmick. The ultimate idea is to have one digital "folder" - like a mead or peechee folder - that has digital paper on the inside faces. You plug it in to your PC via USB and download all your magazines to it, then browse it like a normal magazine (but with only 2 pages that change). It's also very power efficient. There's a cheap Motorola phone (F3) that uses a E-Ink display.

I'd better not get electrocuted when I masturbate.

Right on, 13!!! Oh, wait... better NOT get electrocuted?...

Hmmm... well, we can agree to disagree, na?

Now read for me! Read, you stupid magazine!! READ!

"This video is no longer available".


dude you might wanna change that its 75th anniversary not 25th

What the f*** is wrong with people?

a) the narrator didn't want to take it apart because he was only able to get one. So f***ing what? Does he think this has collector value? it's a magazine that's so far into bankruptcy that they are selling gimmick ads on the FRONT COVER to try to sell issues.

b) It costs $2 more than a normal issue. What f***ing moron deliberately pays $2 more because a magazine contains a flashy ad?

3) They claim the thing will flash for 90 days (even a few months longer). I'll pay $1000 to anyone who can produce one that flashes for a month. eink is energy efficient, but not THAT much so.


$1,000? Wow, high roller. In my opinion, animated ink is only worth $750, max.

??? The geekologie writer didn't make a porn joke??? Im appalled!

@8 there are millions of people who aren't recycling properly as it is and you think adding another step to recycling a whole set of new material will help us?

@12 I don't see the purpose of what you describe other then using a lap top or other portable devices that have wifi to view their websites free instead of paying $100s to buy some device that can download magazines or other contents to a digital display via USB.

That's all it does? I got a little LED pinch light that makes every page on every mag I have (or will have) flash just like in this vid. And you can recycle all those mags like normal.

This is the first step to making magazines interactive. Soon you will be able to use one of those computerized pens in mags. If they don't do something soon, magazines will go the way of last years ipod.

....are you all bitching like girls about this?

it's tight!

another glimpse of the FUTURE to come!!!

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