Sep 9 2008Make Your Own Mario Hat -- From Paper!


Always wanted Mario's iconic red cap but hate fabric? Well how about a paper one? That's right folks -- for the low, low price of some paper, printer ink, and Band-Aids you too can have your very own Mario cap. Looks too complicated for me though. The last time I made a paper hat it broke and my girlfriend got pregnant.


Mario Cap Papercraft [paperkraft]

Thanks to Suzy, who recommends people living in paper houses not throw scissors.

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Reader Comments

That's pretty cool.......

I might have crushed someones dreams of saying "FIRST BITCHES".......If so, Please accept my humble apologies.

Geekologie - stop slacking with posts, you guys suck

*hums Mario theme song*

You can also make a Master Sword using toothpicks. It's pretty cool

one step away from making it look like a M Bison hat

@4 Thank you for smoking. You are an expert hummer

@2,3How does it feel to get pwn3d asshat?

Ill let you all Know how it looks in 15 hours and 30 X-acto finger cuts later...

It looks neat, I would never have the patience/time to do it though... and I would feel the need to burn it - while someone wears it... I'm kind of a jerk...

The kid doenst look too trilled to wear it tho

i love kids, but something about the look on that little idiot's face makes me wanna smash that hat on his head!

@4, you talk like an idiot... nobody gets owned by posting, go outside more, freak

Lol, I have an impostor.....That's dope.

is he taking a shat??

what an uglie little child

@13 - pwned by your own stupidity too, asshat.

Superb! Well done you.

nices hat keep it up!

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