Sep 9 2008It's About Freaking Time: A USB Bottle Opener


Let's face it, drinking and data storage were made for each other. So why has it taken so long for somebody to make a sharp looking 16GB bottle opener? Beats me -- your guess is as good as mine. Unless you guessed government conspiracy or ninjas, in which case your guess was even better.

Thumb drive/bottle opener combo is one seriously useful gadget [dvice]

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Reader Comments

Haha, 16 GB and booze. Ooooh the possibilities.

woot! now i can spill drinks on my computer 2x as fast!

Um, what if you... I got nothing...

umm just if the world does really end tomorrow bye every one

I just use my eyelids to open bottles. They need to combine a flash drive with pepper spray, a switchblade, and a breathilizer test.

where's the USB + Gun?

That way, you should be able to assault people and steal their pr0n...


Would the USB gun go PEW PEW PEW?

This only enables more drunk chatting. And we all know we need more drunk chatters, they're hilarious.

No way to get it on a keychain? U S E L E S S.

SG!!!!! Where have you been!?! I've had to deal with all these clowns myself and I guess I just don't get their hipster idiot mentality.

Oh, I'm not talking about any of the asshats that have posted least not while you're looking. What? It was meant in a friendly sort of way. And by friendly I mean insulting.

@2: brilliant!
Reminds when simmons first came out with electronic drum sets way back when. Our drummer bought a set and within a few months fried it by spilling a drink in it during a show.

Anyway, i'm gonna haffa git me one of these!!

I have been terribly busy here lately, Scott, and I missed you. But now, much to everyones obvious delight, there is a lull where I can yet again post willy nilly.

So yippee skippy and all that rot.

#9: Yeah there is. Fool.

Yeah but if you threaded it through that hole in the bottle opener part, it would severely get in the way of any actual bottle opening.

Me - "No sir, I didnt lose my files because i was drinking."

Boss - "Then why does your USB stick smell like beer?"

Me - "Quit sniffing my USB stick, you turd burglar."

Boss - "You're fired."

Me - "I'm drunk."

**Me and Boss make out passionately**

I saw this in Never Back Down. Its a fake movie Prop.

Where can I actually buy one! I demand a link; this thing does not seem to exist commercially.

If this is a fake, it's a cruel, cruel tease.

@17 - Keep up the fight, Never Back Down. Walking away and giving up are not the same thing.

Thanks for this post. I look at geeklogie a lot and use a lot of your news for my daily news show, so I figured I should start sharing with you as well. Here is the show where I talk about this:

Beer makes you forget, USB memory helps you remember. Drink enough and you're even!

I claim 1st, 2nd and 21st! Mwahaha, bitches!

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