Sep 9 2008How Not To Play Wii

This is how you don't play Wii. SPOILER ALERT (LIKE THE STILL ABOVE WASN'T ENOUGH): With a dog humping you from behind while you scream in ecstasy. I don't know what's more disturbing -- that this video was clearly set up, or that this video was clearly set up. You see what violent video games are doing to today's youth?


Thanks Tom, and yes, I'm scarred.

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I f***ing CAME!

Disturbing on so many levels.

I just dont really know what to say.

Takes me back to my younger gaming days. All you really have to do is replace the Wii with an Atari 2600 and the dog with my uncle and bingo! instant flashback.

Funniest thing ever.

what in the ten thousand hells is wrong with this kid? >__<

Ugh, stupid firewall. Can't see the damn video. Someone describe it to me in epic detail. I need to know every bit of it.

Boy drops his pants and proceeds to be anally penetrated by the dog all while playing Call of Duty 3 for the Nintendo Wii.

I never would have thought... Firewalls can be used for GOOD!

Retarded. Not worth anyone's time.

Hahahaha I saw this on FailBlog a while back... awesome, yet insanely disturbing...

I'm very glad I also suffer(win) from Firewall-itis... Although I also know that when I get home and figure out while the hell my broadband isn't working, I'll watch this just to torture myself.

Innocence lost

I'll watch it later too but it's only because I have a school project about it.

what the f***? that bitch didnt even let that dawg cum in her mouth in the end. RIP OFF.

This gets an A+++! LMAO.

Funny this is..the worst thing about the video is that he boy is playing Call of Duty 3.

I'd rather be anally raped by a Great Dane then have to play that POS.

The dog just got excited and wanted to join in on the fun.

That's how I play, only I play with a large mastiff, and the wiimote is a tad more involved.

This kid is definitely curious about the working end of the penis.

Wowee! That little boy LOVES the dog cock.

The still alone is enough to say yuck

That kid totally got f***ed.

oh god that was friggin sexy. makes me wanna shove my gamecube in my vagene and put a PSP in my BH.

Eh, uh, wtf was that?

Hilarious! And obviously staged. You can hear the camera operator laughing over the kid's effeminate shrieks.

Little boy just got straight pwnd by brandon from punky brewster. No wonder that punky bitch was so annoying she was always taking it in the butt.

First of all, what is happening on this site? The comments, though never quite the caliber of the geekologie writer, always were pretty witty, on topic, and in relatively good taste. Lately, it seems the comments section has been invaded by degenerates. Not funny, not worth reading.

Second, more on topic, who was filming this thing? who would stand around filming while the family dog has its way with a small boy? I find that to be the most disturbing part. Also, is the kid a little young for Call of Duty?

Hey can I be that one fag who does this: "Old."

Actually yeah I saw this video probably about a year ago but it's a classic. Since I've already seen it does that make me better than most people here?

27 doesn't understand that this isn't Hedonistica anymore.

@#28- No it makes you worse now shut up and go play with lassie

Underage beastiality porn? Seriously, WTF?

@27... you dont like it? leave. because we dont like you. you smelly jerk. lets see you write something funny.

@32, maybe I will. Maybe I'll take my dictionary, grammar, and punctuation with me too. Why did you do it Fonz? Why did you call me out like that send me off on my own? If only you knew how much you could like me if you would only give us a chance. Me and you. Fonz and ahha all over the place. You could help me with my smelly jerk problem and, well, I could just help you polish your glory. Just give me a chance... one more time... for the first time... You will be mine always.

Isn't this a scene right out of Never Back Down?

CURSES!!! Why did you call me out like that AND send me off on my own?

I'll be in the corner enjoying a little humble pie. Please forgive me Fonz. We could still have something, right?

My god, what have a done? You have shown me the way ahha. Now show me your bung hole and we will live in infamy.


@The Fonz... the directions are simple. I'll be bent over the ottoman playing Wii, I know you can do the rest. Just like riding a bike.

@monkeymuscle... I'm a lover, not a fighter. But, I will fight for love. What does that mean?


38: That you're a rapist? :P

I kinda wish the dog had anally raped the Wii (as seen here: )

blog fights are obviously where its at (-_-)...

as for the video, way to kid you willingly let a dog defile not only that but you put it up on youtube. im sure you've made many a person proud.

You know what's even more disturbing? The dude with the camera zooming back in on the TV after barely fifteen seconds of labrador-humping-friend action.

What happened to kid's attention spans?

I blame video games.

p.s. lol @ #4


The kid began to like it at the end and the guy zooming in and out with the camera was up to bat next after sparky made it to home plate. Who knows maybe the the camera man will hit a home run and pitch a load off in the kids mouth. Nothing like being ass raped by your older brother, friend, Dad ect. after the dog is done. To bad....the poor kid's gonna be stuck on dick the rest of his life. Good way to to make your homoerotic, bestiality, incest dreams come true camera man.

lmfao , that was hilarious

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