Sep 2 2008Highly Questionable: The DJ Mobile


The DJ Mobile was built by Dutch artist Olaf Mooij and looks like the lovechild of a subcompact that f***ed a rocketship. The deafening piece was inspired by a song called "God is a DJ" and the Pope-mobile. I'd prefer the bulletproof bubble myself, but I have a lot of enemies. Unfortunately, the DJ mobile isn't meant to be used while driving, making it infinitely less cool than I originally imagined. Which, if you want to get all scientifical, wasn't even cool. Still, I would pour sugar in the gas tank.

Hit the jump for several more pictures of the eardrum popper.




DJ Mobile
DJ Mobile might be the most obnoxious car stereo ever [dvice]

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Is my e-penis huge now?


Ugh, you people.

Hee....the car looks like a giant fungus from the back. Neat.

not proud to be dutch right now.....
anybody seen KUNG POW ???? XD

Pretty cool...that car must have really stiff and good suspension to carry all that extra weight and not look weighed down.


Or ot's a bunch of Audiovox crap with no weight to it.

good concept, shit result. and why the f*** did he use what looks like and old ford sierra

show me ANYTHING inspired by the song 'God is a DJ' that DOESN'T completely suck...? didn't think so.

Am I the only one still wondering why the font as shrunk to near microscopic on this blog? (yet the sister sites remain... um.. readable). What's up with that?


Yep, just you.

this will show those dumb made in queens stereobike crew ! take take !

Damn thing looks like the Dord POS from Men in Black when Will Smith "hit the button".

Hey "you people", I used to have one of those. Then my mom got a job.

The sheer amount of awesome of that thing should be illegal.

Where are the brake lights? Tail lights? The side speakers extend farther out than the mirrors do. Nice.

there at the bottom where there usualy are you dumb f***! u lot need to get jobs and stop moanin about the small things in life! :)

He parks it in my apartment parking lot at 2.a.m. every night.

I'm going to shove an apple into the exhaust pipe on the next no moon night. I just need a lookout. Are you with me SmokingGirl?




He's invited to my block party anytime.

OOOoooh!!! Damn shit!!! . . .Thsz crazy,The person who did ths z a superb man. . .DJ 4ever n everywhere . . .


Thank You This Is Good Prost

Thank You This Is Gooffd Post

Good job;)!

great !!!!!!!!!!!!!
you ride in indonesia is nothing, hahahahahahaaa
i like party in your ride, smoking rasta & girl in your car

Prince :D.
alone in the car

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