Sep 19 2008Hey, Darth Vader Needs Lovin' Too


I'd definitely do the one on the left, but I don't know about the other. I mean, what the hell are those things on his chest?

Caption Contest: Vader Love [gizmodo]

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I betcha they have some kinky sex...

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i bet the one on the right is a nerd with a boob job, look at that crotch bag...

@2, shut up

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OH F*** Fire your load in my thermal exhaust port!!!

@5 These aren't the condoms you're looking for
....these aren't the condoms I'm looking for you
You want to let me do you in the butt
......I want to let you do me in the butt


darthette is pretty hot. I'd hit it.

....may divorce be with you....

#10: nice pun

...though I'm very anti-divorce myself (I love my woman).

This is just weird.

So what are their names, Darth and Danna Vader?

F;ing saved

She can choke his chicken without actually having to choke his chicken

Umm, I'm not sure if this is hot or not. She looks like she's in good shape though, and overall her vader costume fits better (not counting shoulder pads)
Hmmm, g on g Leia(s) and Vaderette? sign me up

@10 HAHAHA!!!


How big of a load did he shoot when she agreed to wear that in public?

Baby, keep the boots on!!!


A few tips to Darthina: Bigger boobs, anime-size boobs. A little black skirt to cover up the dark side and a slightly feminized helmut would go a long way. OH- and spikey heals, none of this platform boot stuff. Otherwise, very cute idea.

I suppose I'm the only one who thinks this is stupid.

@19- I doubt it.

I hope they dont find out later that they are Brother and Sister! This family sure has a communication problem LOL

@21, haha.

There could be a new MTV series called "Sex and the Skywalkers"

@22 I totally doubt Natalie Portman be in that suit.

cum to the darkside

argh, check under the belt lassie

nick bacon is a tool

@ 14.

Don't worry, somone appreciates you.

To me it just looks like Vadar & Frankenstein (Death Race 2000) aka: the original vader costume...
BTW- If you want your woman to cos-play w/you and you pick a MALE for her to portray - your gayer than nic bacon.

I'd hit it with the mask on. Preferably the female, but whatever works.

I agree 100% with thumperchica (AKA #28) i was sitting here thinking about why it would be a turnon to have your girl dress as a femame darth vader? Maybe it's just me, I would much prefer say....... female mandalorian chick? i dunno, has that been done?

I hope they dont find out later that they are Brother and Sister! This family sure has a communication problem LOL

Oh GOD! Did you just f**K this up for everyone!

New lines in script for Starwars:
Darth to Luke: Luke..i am your Father.......really?.... than you should be my mother.....
Luke to female Doll Vader: really?.... than you should be my mother.....

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