Sep 22 2008DIY: Your Own Sweet Laser Tag Setup


Let's face it, no other sport has as high a PEW PEW PEW factor as good old fashioned laser tag. Unfortunately, a quality rig is pretty expensive. So what's a boy to do? Simple, make your own.

This homebrew LaserTag game uses a cheap laser pointer combined with a toy gun and a PIC16F628A microcontroller that connects up to a piezo transducer which is used for producing various beeps. The 5 pin header plug at the bottom of the device is used to connect to a programmer for in-circuit programming.

As cool as this system looks, there's just no way it compares to the feeling you get when braining an opponent with a Mag-lite.

Build your own laser tag system [make]
Homemade laser tag makes laser tag that much dorkier [dvice]

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Reader Comments



PEWPEW!! mother truckers!!!!


Do it yourself...

Getting that tattoo'd on my hand...

@4 nice!

@4 wouldn't your @ss gat jealous?

Isn't laser tag from the 80's? Are they really that expensive? Really?

Mag-lite: It's what's for dinner.

Honestly I dont know what to say. I do know if I saw some kids out in the yard playing with that I would just have to stop and give a quick roundhouse kick.

This thing is a serious anti-poon

god. the things people do

Kinda cool........ I would prefer paintball though the whole getting hit by an actual thing concept is cooler to me i guess.

Keep that laser away from my nether regions!

why not just play tag on shrooms like a normal kid?

I first read that as taser tag... somewhat disappointed now :(

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