Sep 11 2008Awh Man: Indian Girl Kills Herself Over Fear Of World-Ending Large Hadron Collider


Damn, this is some sadness. Chayya, a 16-year old Indian girl from Madhya Pradesh, drank pesticide and killed herself over fear of the Large Hadron Collider going online and destroying the earth. I send my deepest sympathies to Chayya's family and pray, for the sake of my own soul, that she never read Geekologie.

R.I.P. Chayya

Indian Teen Commits Suicide Over LHC Fears [uberreview]


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First, and I still keep reading "Hard-on"

yes it will

You got the story all wrong.

She committed suicide because I denied her an opportunity to collide with my large hardon.

You are such a tool. A girl offs herself and you post that garbage?

You know this might be sad, but her religion tells her she will be reincarnated, and live again either as a greater or lesser creature depending on how well she lived this life.

So if you believe you will come back anyhow, why kill yourself?

@5, It probably wasnt just the hard on beam that made her do it. It was probably the fact that she was forced to wear high heels as an infant, and sold her viriginity to pay for her education.

So all that, plus the end of the world, I think suicide really is the only option.

@ gingersnapz; THANK YOU!!! i didn't want to be the "F1RST" to say it but...

@2, I am so glad I'm not the only one LOL. Also, how does that logic work? Killing yourself to prevent yourself from possibly dying O.o strange.

she was 16? She had to have had a BIT more motivation to kill herself. I mean come on, 16 year olds are not stupid. And if I was going to commit suicide over something, I'd definitely research it to see what the deal really was! I think there was some deeper issues for that girl!

Very sad indeed.

Yeah, thats super sad but man, if the world was gonna end because of the LHC, why not just die along with the rest of us. Who knows, some of may even survive, maybe even her.

@6 I doubt reincarnation works if the world ends.

@9, that is a genius observation.

@6 All the more reason to kill yourself... especially if you believe you've been a good little doobie.

@ 13 if reincarnation "works", i doubt it's limited to this planet.

Now, wouldn't it be ironic if she was reincarnated into one of the very particles that would be shot through the hard on beam? Wouldn't it be ironic (and a little hilarious) if she was the particle that destroyed the world?

Am I funny for pointing that out or just sick?

....ok....I'll make an appointment first thing in the morning...

What a moron... Sucks for her family though...

Large Hard-On Collides With Earth, Kills Girl, 16

Geekologie readers had this to say: "FR1ST! LOL!" - that 'FR1ST ' guy.
"PEWPEWPEW!" - Some Hard-On

If I were to off myself, I'd blame something completely useless and confuse the world too. Something like 'John Stamos, you win this round.'

Something about a hardon colliding with a 16 year old girl makes me feel dirty.

Did anyone else notice the the hard-on beam generator kind of looks like the asshole of a giant transformer?

wow this makes me tingly

why LHC wont destroy?

Well it’s a damn good thing we got rid of at least one idiot in the world. Now can we convince the new york ghettos that the LHC will surely be their doom?

@ 10: I concur

Clearly there is more going on in that girl's life than has been said. My guess is she was abused or something and the reason given about the LHC was to cover up for some sort of family issues. I'm sure anti science nuts and YECs are gonna love this. Besides everyone knows the LHC won't kill anyone untill after it transforms into an 6 story killer robot with a laser cannon, or aliens use it as a landing pad. take your pick

Is it wrong that I snickered when I read this?

Probably it was wrong, but when the LHC opens up the 12th dimension and we're all sucked into the 9th level of Hell, then there will be no right or wrong; only Pinhead and the gang. Wheeeeee.

darwin award?


wow pesticides??? what a horrible way to die... RIP poor gal

@10 - yeah, um, no 16 year olds are stupid. more stupid than your average moronic human. on top of it she some from a province that is a little off to the right of the epic center of an education in physics. I'm not saying they are stupid there, just that how many hour of labor you can do in a do takes precedence over your ability to count. this chick lived in a village and probably heard about the CERN collider through the grapevine. Probably as some powerful doomsday device that was going to unleash hell on earth. you know angry spirits, dogs and cats living together and all that shat.

So it was probably an easy decision for your to die or live in hell for eternity. Yeah its sad but you have to look at the bright side. One less superstitious skygod fearing off the face of the earth before it spawned more.

but I'll give you that it might be a cover for some husband that was offended by the dowry that came with here. He probably offed her, kept the wedding gift and is not trolling for another 13 year old bride with rich parents.

If it was because of the LHC, she's a complete idiot and I feel NOTHING for her. Sucks for the family, I feel bad for them, but that girl was retarded. She obviously didn't research this at all. Hell, the damn thing wasn't even a real test, but this stupid girl thought it was. She had at least another month before any collisions occurred. L O freaking L.


The more I read about how f***ing clueless the physics are about the matter the less I trust this LHC experiment.


I don't know why everyone's freaking out. The end of the world won't be for a while yet.

They still have to revive Walt Diseny....

*Disney. I'm not a dumbass

Ah, consciousness is such an intangible thing. We may have indeed been compressed to the size of an atom with the startup of that machine. How would we even know it? We may just be experiencing aural afterimages of our existence echoing through space-time. Or something like that.

I'm pretty sure these scientists know more than you on the subject.

This is tragic, and I sympathize with her family.

Having said that, people can always check here to see if the world has been destroyed yet:

(nerd bonus - check the page's source code for some great humor)

People have killed themselves over much less. 16 years is not the most enlightened point in your life, in your teenage years you are still very impressionable, overly dramatic, and irrational. Besides which the world has seen impending doom hundreds upon thousands of times and with much less to spark the hysteria.

It is possible there were ulterior reasons for the suicide, but it is also possible there were not. And as a person reading an article analyzing it is useless because you would have no founding for any assumptions you devise.

Sounds liek An Hero to me!

drinking pesticide, and dying an excruciating death V.S. Vaporization? I'm goin with the hard on thanks..PEWPEW PEW!

@ #42 - f***in amen to that, brother


Seriously this girl just died and all you guys do is make jokes, damn the state of apathy among people is worst than i thought, usually the dead of someone specially a case like this where the girl YES should not have do it because the machine might not do anything bad against the planet, usually news like this were received like "well that sucks" or " poor girl" or something like " poor family who has to deal with it"

But you guys are just a bunch of DICKS, sorry geekologie but your fans are a bunch of mean meanies,

@44 - Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes. If you want to sympathize with other bleeding hearts, you are on the wrong webpage. Try going here

Don't dismiss us all though, the geekologie readers have shown amazing compassion lately, only to have to look at this post to see true compassion

First victim of the LHC... of 6 billion more to come. We are all gonna die!

indians are over-emotional creatures..they tend to do ridiculous things and over-react to certain situation. such as this..tsk tsk..

@44, yes we are dicks. That chick is dumber than a bag of hammers.

If I ever ran for president, I would encourage the weak to off themselves.

I probably wouldn't win the election, but I know at least a few people who would vote for me, and I would call those people and we would hang, since the rest of the world would hate us.


So I take it she wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Darwin at work!

It seems that, unfortunately, someone never learned the lesson from Wells' radio broadcast of War Of the Worlds in the thirtees.

No blunter than Lamoid - I see no reason to assume anything about her religious beliefs based on her geographical location.

You ignorant twat.

@51 - According to census of 2000, 91.1% of the residents of Madhya Pradesh follow the Hindu religion while others are Muslim(6.40%), Jain(0.9%), Christians(0.30%), Buddhists(0.30%), and Sikhs(0.20%). The scheduled castes and scheduled tribes constitute a significant portion of the population of the State. The scheduled castes are 13.14% while scheduled tribes were 20.63%.

So there's a 9% chance the deceased didn't practice a religion which believes in reincarnation as one of its central tenets.

I stand corrected, but remain an ignorant twat.

@6: it shows ignorance to assume she's hindu just because she's from india. While its true that hinduism is a pretty friggin' large religion in those parts, not nearly everyone is hindu there.

@51 already showed us why we can guess what her religious views MIGHT have been

im sorry, @52 made that point

That's one thing I've always found odd about a census: it's not accurate, but still we use them.

My country's supposedly largely RC or Christian, and I am too, apparently, even though I know far, far more people that don't have any religious views, than those that do. I'm down as RC just because I was baptised when I was tiny, though I hold no religious views.

In summary, the execution of censuses is flawed and rubbish and broken and stupid and fart.

@57 - What country are you from, Europe? When Al Gore of America invented the internet, he should have kept it America only. At least we can't smell you across the computer. I'll continue to take comfort that when the hardon collider destroys the Earth, Europe will be the first country it takes out.

This is very sad. If you look at it form her point of view as apposed to the usual shallow, selfish attitude of the world you might see things differently. Humans are destroying the world and if you want to know the truth, many scientists would gladly risk the destruction of the planet just to prove their theories correct.

During the first atomic bomb tests the very people that were doing it felt there was a chance of total earth destruction but did it anyway.

Sad, very sad.

Lets have 1 minute of silence for the poor girl who won't be around to answer tech support calls or code software to specification.

@ 60 - I would've happily done that, but now I can't stop laughing...

Um, couldn't she have waited until after they turned the darn thing on, assessed the non-world-ending results and then decided whether or not to kill herself? Is all I'm saying...

what a stupid bitch

this will be mean but one less stupid bitch in the world... seriously why kill yourself because there is a fractional possability you might be killed by something... don't judge me i stand by what i said!!!

am i the only one worried about this testing, i know i sound like a liberal but seriously. we're experimenting with what we think created the universe. i would just rather not f*** around with this kind of stuff

Lamoid needs lessons in being antagonistic. He's not particularly good at it. That, or the fact that he's insignificant.

Who knows?


This is an obvious photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

I'm going to see Never Back Down tonight after the wheel of fortune is on, I heard good things about it.

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