Aug 28 2008Zero Carbon Footprint: The Solar Ice Maker


It may look like a funhouse mirror and potato gun, but this sucker is actually a solar powered ice maker that requires no electricity, and can produce 14 lbs of ice per day.

It works like this: the solar icemaker uses a refrigerant liquid that evaporates when exposed to the sun. The vapor travels through pipes that come into contact an absorbent material, which cools when the sun goes down. Once the slow-cooling absorbent hits 104°F, the refrigerant turns back into a liquid and its temperature drops like a rock to below freezing because of pressure differences. Put some water next to the evaporator's exterior and, presto, ice.

Awesome. I love ice. But you know what I love even more? Refrigerant. Shit's better than Kool-Aid. Plus you don't have to worry about that big red bastard "Oh Yeah!"ing his fat ass through the side of your house.

Solar icemaker: get the sun to keep things cool for a change [dvice]

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WOuldn't the manufacture of the solar panels and other pieces create some carbon footprint of some kind?

haha I ruin your lastness by posting after you! now I am teh last!


I think condensing solar energy into solid cubes is Energon, isn't it?


not if the solar cells are maid of nail polish and inkjet stuff

Hey! Who can't use more ice?

"OH YEAH"? you might have to worry about "that big red bastard" if you use the refrigerant to make "koolant-aid"... or you might have other fish to freeze.

"...hello, poison control? i herk! urgh... wheeze..."

As a kid I used to beg my mom not to buy kool-aid because I was so scared of the kool-aid man knocking down my house.

The sad part is, I'm serious. =(


I'm still waiting for you. I'm waiting for you to make that purchase. I'm waiting for you to invite me inside.

I can wait forever, Bernstein...


My brother and I used to terrorize my cousin telling her that the Koolaide man was a monster and we would make scary voices and say “This is the koolaide man, I im going to get you!”

Fact: She has never tasted Koolaid
Fact: She hates me
Fact: Its really easy to get a 5 year old to pee their pants
Fact: I am so going to Hell...

can you imagine the kool-aid man busting into jonestown?

Go San Jose State!

You made me spit Kool-Aid out my nose...

This is totally OLD. It couldn't be any OLDer if it was a dinosaur!! It's... it's ummm... OLDer than... umm..... than.... dirt!


My excitement was piqued once i read, "It may look like a funhouse mirror and potato gun," only to go downhill once i got to the word, "but."

Potatoe Guns for the Dan Quayle win.

A cored potato makes a very effective gun silencer. God I miss my Dad.

Now all we need to do is cover the north pole with a version of this.

Global warming? Solved.

Great idea for Spain.

How much heat does this unit create in the process? if more ice or cold energy is created in the process than heat energy, we can use a system like this to refreeze the polar ice caps...???? or am i just stupid?

At last. The miracle all poor people of the world have been waiting for! A mission in Guatemala needs one of these desperately to keep medical supplies cool! Africa is probably the biggest market for this life saving device! We can use them in the states to save power generation fuels and the ecosystem! Use some of the $700 Billion dollar blackmail money for distributing these amazing units! The world needs American technology, not American criminality, how can we get past the "crow-bar capitalists" and government "Thugs" and move our greatly needed products to those that need them most?Are we going to wait for the Chinese to show us how? I hope not! Last Call America!

What is the price of this product?

Where there is a will there is a way.

I loved the comment that Africa needs US technology. We have been buying the same chilling technology from China for a year. Contrary to popular belief in the states, the USA has slowly but surely started lagging behind the rest of the world for the past 10 years. India is years ahead of the states in energy efficient refrigeration technology. The EU companies are now partnering with them to prevent being left behind.

Unfortunately your political leaders have concentrated on war and destruction whilst the rest of the world concentrated on development and inovation.

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