Aug 21 2008Why You Don't Kite Surf In Tropical Storms

Why shouldn't you kite-surf in tropical storms? Because they'll f*** you up. Not only will they slam you into the beach, they'll fling you across the street and into a concrete wall for good measure. Now I hate to say this is Darwinism at work, but I will mention the Saber-Toothed Tiger was notorious for freaking around in tropical storms. Coincidence?


Thanks to Julian, who could actually throw you that far.

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at work so I can't see it.... but FRRIISSSTSSTSRR (first)


HA! (don't let it bother you, Christophe.... I'm a loser)


anyway: "Kite-surfer who hit building improving, mom says"

What a f***ing moron.

I hope his nuts got ripped off in the flight so he can't reproduce.

No Darwin award for him. You gotta die to get one.

Proves that yet again he's still just another loser.


Your wicked late on this one - had it about 2 days or so ago.... for the first guy go to if you can't see youtube at work

this guy is still in the hospital - just got downgraded from critical to serious condition.

#8: "wicked late?" asshat

No Darwin Award, but he sure is a runner up!


Maybe it was given to him by his late father and it had sentimental value.
Enough sentimental value that he'd let himself get slam in to the side of a f**king building!

I just don't understand why he didn't let go after getting smacked into the ground. Unless he was dumb enough to strap himself onto the kite.. ouch

Indeed, from the article, he did harness himself onto the kite. This guy will never live it down for the rest of his life.

I've kite-boarded. With those kites, all you need is a breeze and you're up and going... and I mean a SLIGHT breeze. This f***ing moron got exactly what he deserved. The SLIGHTEST bit of common sense would tell you what would happen in a bloody tropical storm...

I have good feelings for him - he provided me with a good laugh and an opportunity to feel superior.

They clearly show the A1A (Beachfront Ave.) sign...but where are the girls that are hot wearing less than bikinis?

You can't "just let go of the kite"'re attached to it with a harness. But the guy was a retard and I laughed at the schadenfreude.

There are quick releases on the harness but as you can tell he didn't have time to use them!

Video removed. I think this is it.

this looks rad. tubular ride bro-hamster! let's get in my camaro and go to the drive in movie theatre!

This proves most kiters are trendy assholes with no idea about wind conditions and safety... just in it because its cool. I rather windsurf than hang out from those f***in shitty things....

Honest to God Mr. kite surfer man, What the f*** did you think was going to happen? Lets see..Hmmm, Strapped to big ass kite? check. Tropical storm? check. Epic ass raping by mother nature? Nope, didn't see that coming at all.


...I wish I could fly like him.

I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, really good ideas

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