Aug 22 2008What If The Mega Man 3 Theme Had Lyrics?

Would it sound like this? Brentalfloss, in his excitement for the upcoming release of Mega Man 9, made this rendition of the theme from Mega Man 3. Which is ironic, because I was playing Mega Man 3 in between posts yesterday on FireNes. Shadow Man tore me a new blue robotic asshole.


Thanks to Brent, who actually made the song.

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Reader Comments

wheee 1st!

ahem, sorry everyone, I've never done that before.

That was f***ing great.

Err, why is there softcore amputee porn in the "related videos"? What exactly are the keywords for this video, for the love of God?!

I think it's because the word amputee is in his "more info" thing... either that or amputees really dig MegaMan.

Lmao that was Awesome....

@4 That was mad sex!

well i saw this on Collegehumor about 2 weeks ago but i got admit the second time watching it was just as good as the first but i agree with # 4 what the hell is soft core porn doing with mega man ?

Best. Video. Ever.

I love it.

@ 4,5, and 7
The amputee bit comes from the part of the video that says "pre arm cannon". He doesn't have an arm=amputee--> amputee porn=related

That was amazing and i love you



Well, that's just about the greatest thing I saw all day.

"I could shoot the legs of Jeffrey Dahmer", LMAO

Coincidental, not ironic.

Shit, now I got the tune stuck in my head.. Mega mega mega mega maan maaaaan....

this is made of win

win, yes please, do want, moar now ! did I miss any?

I lasted 12 seconds. Draw your own conclusions.

I last THERE! Wait, shit, that''s like not a good thing. DAMNIT Joel urging on my competitive spirit.

Let's just hope that Jack Black does a sweet cover of this song!How much would that kick ass!?!?

That. Ladies and gentleman. Was awesome!

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