Aug 28 2008These Hilarious Star Wars T-Shirts Are Sure To Get Fangirls To Touch Your Saber


Just kidding. I do like them though. This one here, the Jedi EcoSaber is available in 22 different colors and costs $26 or $29 depending on if you want long sleeves or not. Hit the jump for another one with a crashed TIE Fighter Advanced x1 and Darth Vader escaping on an inflatable slide, possibly into a Dagobah swamp. Although I don't see Luke running around with that creepy green puppet on his back, so who knows.

Hit it to see the other.


EcoSaber Product Page
Sith Abandon Ship T-Shirt, Humor For Star Wars Geeks [uberreview]

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Reader Comments

thats great

Surprised there are no "it's a trap" references...

I vote for eco-friendly and green (in a manner of speaking) bantha slippers!

i have just discovered that the tie fighters are called TIE.

i never knew how they were spelled, and after family guy's joke, i thought of them as THAI fighters. haha

Duh #4! TIE stands for Twin Ion Engine! Someone told me that by the way................ I didn't actually know that....................I heard it on.............the radio......................I make love to my Princess Leia poster every night...........DAMN IT!!

@6 More like gooey paste pile by now. I change my poster every week. You should too.

@Shirts designers

Just what Star Wars fan boi's need: More obstacles in getting poon...

Never mind. I take it back. I love these shirts.

TIE = twin ion engine eh? and I thought I was a geek because I know what the "T" in James T Kirk stands for.

Oh wait.. I guess that does make me a geek..

I don't think the TIE fighter is drawn to scale.

wow lol i think the ecosaber is kewl.

Kudos to #6 and #7. #6 for making me laugh out loud uncontrollably, until the second I read #7 and stopped in a frozen grimace.

Impressive, both of you.

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