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Man Proposes Using Google Earth Street View

Google recently set up some new Street Views near the Googleplex company headquarters in California. And Google employee Michael Weiss-Malik used the opportunity to re-propose to his girlfriend. That's why his sign says "Proposal 2.0" -- he had already given a traditional proposal and the woman said yes.

My original proposal was quiet and low-key. It was just some simple heart-felt words exchanged during a quiet night at home. And while Proposal 1.0 had plenty of sentiment, it was lacking in pizazz. So I did what any Silicon Valley geek would do: I decided to upgrade to "Proposal 2.0," a new improved online version. I proposed to Leslie from inside a Google Street View panorama.

Wow, Michael, that's probably the most romantic story I've ever heard. Well, minus the one about the guy that proposed with a handgun. I do like this whole Proposal 2.0 business though. I've even been inspired to do make one to my fiancée. Baby, if you're reading this:

Proposal 2.0 -- This effectively voids proposal 1.0

Woot, freedom!

Marriage Proposal in Street View! [gearthblog]

Thanks to "because nothing says true love like not even being physically present for your proposal" Craig.

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