Aug 12 2008Google Streets: Now With Drunks And Fire!


There are all sorts of neat things to spot with Google Earth and Google Street View. Apparently including some guy that's shitcanned and passed out in his neighborhood.

When this drunken Aussie was shaken awake by police he prayed none of the neighbors had seen him collapsed on the curb. Unfortunately millions could gaze at his slumped form. For at the moment he passed out, Google's Street View camera car was filming in that corner of Melbourne. And the man - identified only as Bill, 46, - is not happy. The fisherman who had been drowning his sorrows at a funeral, said: "I wasn't thinking there would be someone driving by with a camera."

Now I've never been to a jeans and tennis shoe funeral, but I'm sure they exist. But Bill, a word of advice -- there is ALWAYS somebody driving by with a camera. If it's not Google, it's the government or a psycho ex-girlfriend. Or maybe the PI your wife hired to catch you cheating. My point is this: if you have to pass out, keep your legs out of the freaking street. Because if the camera car had been driving anything like I do, now performing a Google search for "your legs" wouldn't find any matches.

Hit the jump to see a picture of a Google Street View of a house on fire from Sherwood, Arkansas.


Google Earth catches drunken man passing out on kerb
Google StreetView Spies Burning Home (Probably Microsoft Guy's House) [gizmodo]

Thanks SilverSidedDotCom -- shit, did I just plug a website? No fair, you tricked me!

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Reader Comments

Both pretty lulzy

LOL, That would happen to me.

we have seen drug deals, marriage proposals, drunks and fire.. whats next??? maybe some aliens, or i don't know.. if we get lucky we can even see someone f***ing in an alley or a park...

i think i need to start checking out that street view a little more often hahaha

hmm, a guy passed out in the street with that much daylight going on and no cops in sight by then? you know the cops don't patrol that shit-hole neighborhood. they've practically given up on those people. kinda like my hometown. god damnit, i miss that place.

HAHA that is magic :D

Holy Crap - Google has gotten a little too personal with the street view option... very creepy.

this is the full story as reported in sydneys local paper
not really all that funny.

o noes!! my house!

Something tells me that if you were in a life threatening situation and the google film crew happen to drive by they likely wouldn't do a thing to help you other than to film your moment of death.

Google street film guy: I don't get paid to get involved.....

Now if only they got a drunk guy on fire.

Google Streets: the new groundbreaking technology in stalking from the comfort of your own home, where pants are optional! lol :D

This was in Perth. The guy passed out had just came from the wake of his best friend.

god, for a second there, I thought that was my ex boyfriend except the house next door doesn't look familiar

who wears jeans to a funeral?

I'm telling ya dude, one day Google will rule the world. You just wait and see.


Looks kinda fake to me tbh..

This service is going to replace physical site-seeing in some years for some lazy people. I think this tool of google is too good to be trusted.

i want them to film me shitting in my neighbours yard

@15, screw you. I clicked your link with my whole family sitting here. xD

I agree with 11 though, that would be f***ing intense.

Even more stupid than those pictures is the fact that you're actually getting rather aggressive towards a man whom has just been to a funeral.
Seriously, dude, what in hell's name was all that for?

'Now I've never been to a jeans and tennis shoe funeral, but I'm sure they exist. if you have to pass out, keep your legs out of the f***ing street you moron.'

The poor guy's just been to a funeral and has to deal with the fact that millions of people are watching his sorrowful events. Why be such a moron and say stuff like that about someone of which you don't know and has done no harm to you?

Least he found a good patch of grass. Bet his arm was asleep when he woke up.

i thought u were homeless though!

that poor guy went through a lot of shit. read the rest of the story....

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