Aug 15 2008Fire Beer, Not Bullets: The Beerdolier


Last week it was the Beer Belt, and now this week, the Beerdolier. Oh hell yes! The $15 Beerdolier holds six cans of sweet beer AND keeps them cold thanks to its unpatented koozie technology. These things are freaking awesome! Can you imagine a world in which a war (World War Brew) is fought with beer instead of bullets? I can, it's called Utopia, and I just drank all the ammo. Oh, time for a munitions dump.

The Beerdolier: Drink Like a Commando [gizmodo]

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Reader Comments

Who is buying this stupid shit? GAF (Gay As F***).

I'll take two.

Pew Pew Pew...I'm so drunk.

The kind of shit that only looks right after a six-pack and a couple of bong hits.

this works/looks so much better than taking two beer belts and strapping them across my shoulders.

hell yea, id love to be the only loser at the party with this ridiculous thing on! let me just put on my oakleys, my cargo shorts, my Marvel button-up shirt, my flame beanie, and my walking sandals!! loser party is on!!

oh and i forgot my wallet chain!!!!

You could totally combine this with the Bierestick the blogosphere has been pimping the last few months and be like an alcoholic version of Kevin Costner's The Postman.

Absolutely the best apparatus I've ever bought to keep up with my beverages! If you have never tried it, don't knock it.


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