Aug 7 2008Dark Knight PSAs With Batman And The Joker

This is a public service announcement featuring Batman and The Joker reminding you about the importance of wearing sunscreen. It's one of several announcements made by the Dark Knight and his arch-nemesis for the good of the public. I posted two more after the jump, one on bike safety and one about taking time out of your day to have fun. Unfortunately, there isn't one about the importance of staying in school. So kids: stay in school. You don't have to go to college, but I do recommend it if you want to experiment with drugs and alcohol.

Hit the jump for two more and a link to several others.


Thanks Superficial Writer, here's a little PSA for ya: I had your car towed this morning.

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Reader Comments

Those were beautiful.

Best summer everrrrrr!

We don't wear helmets on bikes in Holland they make you look stupid and mess up your hair.

LMAO "more ... more ... yeah"

that was mildly tolerable.

it seemed a bit on the gay side

very gay. But not surprising if you notice the costume he made robin wear in the original Adam West Batman.

that joker looks familiar. is this from mtv canada?

definitely Paul the intern from MTV Canada.

Not funny. At all.

Wow, what a downer... Why didn't they use gay Teletubbies for this?

...not sure what to say about this...

I just have stepped out to the restroom when this scene played in the movie...when did they go to the beach?

That was perplexing at best.

Obviously SOMEBODY thought all the gay innuendo would be funny.

I never want to see Batman again.

And I bet some rabid fangirl made this. Yuck.

That's a phenomenal joker mask/face paint combination. The scars even look good.

I f***ing lul'ed. Good stuff. The Joker guy's makeup is quite good, but he isn't very Jokery acting.

like watching the "ambigiously gay duo" on SNL, only with batman and joker. shame for using them that way (gay-ish, not shame for the public service announcements).

this thoroughly confuses me. I like it.


oh my god what a bunch of too cool jerk offs.
it was funny, just admit it! ennui is so last season!

Gay. The herpes video is just proof of that.

LOL - this was gayer than Iris Chacon's back up dancers. This is going to go down in Gay Moments In History and we can all say "we were there".

I think batman have a thing for joker!

HAhaahaha I love the homosexual undertones :D

This is so f***ing gay and stuped its the boringest thing i evr saw its not funny its scary and gay!!!!I hate it im going to sue!LOL

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