Jul 21 2008Your Own Tyrannosaurs Rex Fossil Replica


STAN was a Tyrannosaurus Rex that lived over 65 million years ago. In his heyday he probably banged tons of other dinosaurs, and, quite possibly, a woolly mammoth or two. But now he ain't banging shit but the wall at the Black Hills Museum of Natural History in South Dakota. That poor bastard, no cavemen to eat or nothing. Anyway, you can get a life-sized replica of his skeleton for $100,000. Now I know what you're thinking, "For 100K I better get to choose his damn pose." Well you do. They can make him standing, walking, running, jumping rope, driving a car, or humping your entertainment stand. I want mine chewing the head of my ex-wife. And also, shooting pool. Seriously though, $100,000 is way too much freaking money (this guy is only $56,000) for a damn skeleton replica. For that kind of dough I want the real bones. And there better be some good marrow left so I can clone that mother. Then I'll open the world's first 2-star, sex with dinosaurs resort, Jurupinthatassic Park.

Today must be your lucky day, I posted the 'Getting High With Dinosaurs' music video from The Whitest Kids U'Know because it's stupid as hell and I've always wanted to smoke with a pterodactyl.

Tyrannosaurus Rex STAN Skeloton Fossil Replica [ohgizmo]

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You two are dorks. :)

I'd be curious to know what the highest request pose is.

well then. frouth!

You know what this means... http://amorphia-apparel.com/design/rexnuke/ <- This must be recreated, life-size - dino, drums AND nuke!

That sheet is Tiiiiight!

Can you buy one part at a time? I just want to buy the rib cage and suspend it in my living room so I can put my mattress in it and watch people get busy on my couch.

UPDATE: Turns out it can be done. Bought it, installed it, works great. My parents have a lot of sex. Never using the couch again.

That one was worth reading just for the "Jurupinthatassic Park" joke...

Too much for that thing, definitely not worth it.

The video was pretty cool though.

Ummmm......cr@p.....ran out of fingers

Not trying to be down on the idea but where would you put it?

you know I could put that right over in the corner next to the my other dinosaurs. LOL

I guess if you can afford a 100G for a lifesize dinosaur, you probably have a really big house to put it in... otherwise, it would look pretty cool lurking in the back yard.

There's a guy that lives down the street from Bill Gates that has one of these in his living room. You can see it from Lake Washington

Dear Geekologie writer. Pterodactyls are not dinosaurs. They are part of the Pterosauria clade. The term "dinosaur" is properly restricted to a certain group of terrestrial reptiles with a unique upright stance (superorder Dinosauria), and therefore excludes the pterosaurs. Get yer facts straight!

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