Jul 7 2008Toyota Prius May Get Solar Panel Treatment


Toyota already plans to roll out a plug-in version of the Prius in 2010, and now there are rumors of the company installing solar panels on upcoming models. The panels, if they do become a reality, won't power the engine, but rather the air conditioning, stereo, windows, television, coffee maker, massaging seat covers, etc. As you can see from the artist's rendition of the new Prius, Toyota will likely go with one large solar array protruding from the vehicle's roof. Kidding, I just made that in Photoshop. It does look good though, doesn't it? Strap a wind turbine on there somewhere and you've got a real green-machine. Say, that gives me an idea. Picture of new Solar-Wind Prius added after the jump. But don't worry Toyota, you can just pay for the idea in, well, euros. Lots of them.

Hit the jump for a picture of a Prius Toyota hasn't even thought of yet.


Toyota Prius may get solar panels [tgdaily]

Thanks to Popadopolis, who lives in Arizona and says it's so hot he doesn't even need solar panels to brew coffee and pop pop-tarts in his car in the morning.

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Reader Comments

Do the new ones cut off the A/C and other power accesories when stopped? I heard a lot of people complain that in traffic in the summer you would hate them because they cut off the A/C when not moving.

How about they make one that isn't shaped like a door stop before adding solar panels.

Stuey, no.

pfff SAAB made that stuff back in '85: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saab_EV-1

Your wind turbine is facing the wrong way.

#5: not really, as long as the turbine is spinning one way or another, the wires can be placed to run the current in the proper direction.

I was wondering if you are ever going to make a good looking hybred cars. They all seem to have a plan look and style. I'd love to have one but I can't stand the look. Will you ever take just a normal car that has a good look and make it a hybred




Solar panels aren't worth putting on cars yet, (not until they're more efficient and cheaper).
This seems to be just another gimmick, to make them look like they care about the planet, but economically, it makes no sense, and doesn't do much to help the planet either (and in some cases, is worse for the planet)

But if you do want a solar car, I think this
would be better than a prius

#9 simply not true, a friend of mine just bought a skoda with a solar panel in the sunroof - this powers the fans, charges the battery while the car is parked, keeping it cool. its actually a good idea.

you may be right about the prius generally, arguably they are more damaging environmentally due to their construction etc...not sure about economically

The additional cost of the solar panel (as well as any electronic converters, and the slight effect their extra weight has on the mileage) will usually be much more than the price of grid electricity (to charge the battery from).

The only situation I can see it being worth it, is if you live in a desert/equatorial area, where you can be assured of a good amount of sun(/solar energy), but even then, it would be better to put the solar panels on the roof of your home, so you can have them at the optimum angle for maximum efficiency.

lol. Might be practical, but what about the design? You can't just go around "strapping" stuff to the car. Though there are some pretty good new green cars.

love yah!!!

i think that would be a very cool ideal to find some way to save our natural resources.

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