Jul 21 2008Papercraft Fun Frustration: Batman's Tumbler


Ah, Papercraft. A hobby that involves two of my favorite pastimes: cutting things, and glue. Did I mention I huff glue? I huff glue. Did I mention I huff glue? Freaking love that stuff. Anyway, this is a Papercraft Tumbler. It looks complicated and I could never make it. Not in a hundred years. I could cut the tip of a finger off though. Or, if the price is right, a toe. "You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me. Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock this afternoon...with nail polish." While I have no Papercraft skills, my roommate has been up for two days straight working on this thing. I just peeked in his room and he's passed out on a pile of dirty clothes with one ball hanging out the fly of his boxers. But the car looks finished. So while he's sleeping I'm gonna tape a couple fireworks to the back and shoot it down the street.

UPDATE: So it, uh, burnt up pretty quick.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a link to the PDF's if you want to make your own.





The Tumbler [paperinside]
papercraft batmobile: the dark knight gets his car back [technabob]

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Reader Comments

That would be such a kick-ass toy till it started raining.

It's crap unless batman shoots out the front on a motorcycle with machine guns

@ #2---that it absolutely true about everything in life, though. From school buses to Burger Kings to seedy taverns.

@#3. @ yourself like #2. your turn 4.

love the reference to the big lebowski, what a great film

Papercraft: for those among us who would rather spend hours with paper than people.

And #2 confused me; I guess I'll be drinking espresso today.

when i posted that, there were already two comments. has one been deleted? as i recall, it said something along the lines of "FIRST".

Jesus that looks frustrating, not my thing to DO something like that, I get cramp in my shoulders just thinking about it.

Looks awesome, hell I'd do it (read: I'd complete the project).

*scratches chin* It doesn't look too difficult, the assembled model just makes it look scary. If you built at least one non-hako/cubodial model, I can't see it being hard, just tedious (but no one said you had to do it all at once...) The pictorial instructions look fairly good from what I saw... but I would personally prefer a .PDO version just for simplicities sake.

tl;dr : Papercraft isn't as scary as it looks. Use a light cardstock and you're golden. It just needs patience.

But damn! This particular craft would destroy my black ink cart. D: I may try the camo version in the near future...simply because those tires are awesome.

In my twisted opinion, Geekologie users have the funniest comments. Usually by this time of the day I want to rip someone's heart out with my bare hands and eat it in front of anyone watching but after coming here and reading witty responses it's like skipping with the leperchauns through fairy world on a sunny saturday in May.

I actually do a lot of papercraft, and this one's on my list. They do take patience and practice, but it's worth it. Using spray paint will leave a nice glossy finish... and spray acrylic will make it nearly waterproof.

Wow. Just wow.
Does your room-mate have a girlfriend? Because judging from this... He doesn't, but should. A really nerdy batman loving girlfriend with plenty of toes available for your 3'o clock.


Well, I have downloaded both the black and camo models. Will be starting them soon. Im a big batman fan, really dont like the draw away from the original batmobile but it was a must to get new younger generation into the movies to watch it right. I have done quiet a few papercraft projects, I have 4 kids with one on the way, so it helps us all pass the time and gets us doing something fun together. Was working on a medieval castle theme papercraft project with them, but Im thinking my 4 year old will love doing this one first. Thanks for the links.

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