Legit: The Dark Knight Joker Poker Set

July 18, 2008


The Dark Knight Joker Poker set is a limited edition that ships in August and costs $85.

This unique collectors' item includes a deck of 54 prop replica Joker cards (as seen in The Dark Knight film!) and a standard "playable" 4-suit, 54 card deck defaced by The Joker. Also included are 100 4-color poker chips in Joker-themed colors of green, purple, red and black, and 5 dice. The entire set comes housed in a black aluminum carrying case (which locks to prevent The Joker from defacing the second set of cards!), and the case is packaged in a 4-color box.

Seriously, f*** a 3-color box, those things are cheap. 4-colors, that's where it's at. OMG, OMG, The Dark Knight is out TODAY. Anybody wanna go with me? I'd go with my girlfriend but 1. she wouldn't appreciate it 2. I don't want to pay for her ticket (or yours either, cheapskate) C. she doesn't deserve to go, and B. she refuses to sneak booze in for me anymore. You knock over one bottle of bourbon and listen to it tink-tink-tink its way to the front of the theater and all of a sudden you're an "embarrassment" and "kicked out of Hellboy II".

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Batman: The Dark Knight Joker Poker Set [nerdapproved]

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