Jul 28 2008Kids Dig Up Corpse To Make Skull Bong


Wow, just wow. Kevin Wade and Mathew Richard, two 17-year olds from Houston, Texas, were recently arrested for abusing a corpse. They didn't try to have sex with it, but they did remove the skull to make a bong.

Police were interviewing Jones about the debit card fraud when he told them about the grave theft.

Asked why Jones would volunteer the information police sergeant John Chomiak said: 'We can only speculate and guess to what goes on in the criminal mind.'

Come on sergeant, the kids didn't mastermind a bank heist, they dug up a corpse to make a bong. I'm pretty confident there isn't shit going on in their heads.

Teens make human skull bong [metro]

Thanks Gypsy and Paige, now come over and we'll take GB's out of my roommate's fishtank.

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FAcking sweet I want one,

dude a skull would make a crappy bong, you'd have to seal all the skull plates together and crap, an i mean c'mon, that's just nasty, smokin chiba out of a dead person's head.... bad stoner! no oreos smothered in easy cheese!

i mean, how long dead???
did they have to "scoop" anything??

Long ass time ago me and a buddy out a bong out of a dead dogs skull..that was ..interesting.

That's just sick. The only real use for a human skull is a cereal bowl. And that's only legit if you killed the person yourself.

this shit Is old news... lame! months old... cmon your better then this ! don't get me wrong the 420 post are cool...but at least keep up with the times!

dissapointed ~420~

What the hell, the superficial writer already has 3 items up, you have 1. Oh, and he wants his victorias secret catalog back.

this is the single greatest story i've ever heard in my life. i came on my own face it was so great. this is really.... ...ok, i hate it. i really despise these kids, and i'm gonna make it my personal mission to... well, i'm not gonna do that either, but i'm kinda irritated that they'd screw with a grave, so they could get high.

our children are f***ing *GONE*. their minds are seriously wasting away and i don't mean that in a cool "fast times at ridgemont" kind of way either. they're getting more and more retarded as time ticks by. teh internets, lol cats, geekologie and teen culture in general are robbing these asshats of their own futures. it's now funny to dig up your grandma and make a skull bong out of him. wtf? kill every last one of them and start over. ghaaaad!!


hug them unti lthey shit themselves, twice a day, every day until they're fourty.

People who post "First" and "This is old" shall have their skulls removed by me after their death. Not to smoke pot out of, of course. For me to stomp into powder.

from metro:
"Police believe the grave is that of an 11-year-old boy who died in 1921 in an unmaintained 19th-century veterans cemetery."


Clearly they have smoked themselves retarded.

That is just disgusting. I mean, those are not some lazy stoners but damn. Are you asking to go to hell? Oh, and I don't understand what the hype is over commenting first. Ooooo good job getting to the story first, dork.

this is an old story. but yes its gross.

...sort of reminds me of "How High"

All these youngsters need to watch the film "Reefer Madness". Then they can see what really happens when you smoke marijuana.


where's the skull???

Old. I live in the town that they did this. F***ing weird ass home schooled kids. The cemetary was creepy as f*** and infested with snakes I don't know why any one would go in there.

good too see the stoners in Kingwood are still being creative...

Oookay, now that's just sick!

Yo, it gets mad boring in Texas. So eff off!!!

We call that "skullin' bongs" in Texas. Nothing new. Everyone does it.

it's not right. i'd haunt them.

20/21 Shut the f*** up.

But yeah, old news is oollddd.

hey! im from houston! wooh!

poop - July 28, 2008 11:15

Your f***ing grandma is a Her not a Him,
you stupid ... ... mather / fother

That would have taken a long time, those stonner kids have something i wish i had DETERMINATION and ofcourse skullin bongs. RIP children your heads have gone to good use. There probebly havin an auction at the police station right now, evidence my ass.

Ahhh. Okay First off, This is Kevin Jones, Tha Kid Who Supposedly dug up that skull and Smoked out of it. When Ya'll want the Real Story Ya'll Need to hit me up. I've got plenty of People Who Backed me when i was in Harris County Jail. I f***ed up By Hanging with those dopes, And they had the Nerve to Ask me To take the heat for them, Cuz they know i already had a Adult Record. That Officer Didnt like me off the get go, I refused to help him out with a dope dealer I knew in The Neighboor hood, So He Did everything He could to Get me. That Being gettin Matthew Rule, And Matthew Gonzales To Write a Summery Stating I Came up with the Idea, And Actually Did it. And On The Other Twos Defense even though their both locked up and i hate them With a passion, The Skull wasnt even Recovered... Wanna know why, Cuz It Was Still Where it Was supposed to be, In the Grave. They Only dug 2 feet, And matt Was shit faced so he tells me, and knocked over the Grave plot. Me, I was with Friends gettin drunk off My Ass, When they Told me what i was gettin arrested for, I freaked just like everyone did when they saw me on the news. Like i said, If ya'll Want that Real Story, Ive Got plenty Of people to Back me. www.Myspace.com/Wood4life2316. Hit me Up.

If yall Want the Real story Hit me up at Myspace.com/wood4life2316.

This is Kevin Jones By the way.... Yea, That Crazy White boy.

...I live in Kingwood.
I met one of the kids. You're right, /nothing/ up there.
However, that's some conviction, because the nearest cemetery I can think of is Rosewood, and that's out like, in Humble. This took some kind of planning though.
A weird life goal perhaps???

...I live in Kingwood.
I met one of the kids. You're right, /nothing/ up there.
However, that's some conviction, because they had to find this cemetery, it was like a vet's cemetery. The skull belonged to an 11 year old boy. And don't worry, there was not scooping. The kid died in the 1920s :)

Dude, i know one of the Matthews. He's actually not that bad...BUT like dude, he has damn good reason to be the way he is. You have to know a person before you can judge them.

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