Jul 21 2008iBeer For iPhone Is Ridiculous, Three Dollars


iBeer is an iPhone application that can be downloaded from iTunes for $3. It's every bit as ridiculous as Captain Kissyface in the picture looks. Because there is nothing sadder than pretend drinking beer. It makes me want to kill myself. If you really want it though and beer's not your scene we can't be friends but they're selling iMilk and iCantbelieveIjustpaid$3forthis as well.

Hit the jump to watch a video of the application in action. Spoiler: It looks like a taint with eyebrow spasms drinking an iPhone.

iBeer is clearly not the king of beers [dvice]

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iPint is free and does the same thing.

Ummm, I downloaded mine for free. They have a couple that are free and some that cost $$

Now I see why those things are so expensive! With lighthearted diversions like that, my own phone just looks like a soulless droid. Oh Apple, once again you have proven how in touch you are with the will of the people.

That's fairly cool.

pretending to drink beer out of your mobile phone. how weird is that. i use my phone to call people.

Shit as stupid as this makes the baby jesus cry.

What the hell is this world coming to? What's next, iAcid - put your iPhone on your tongue and pretend to see all the pretty colors. There's probably a list of disclaimers when you download this. I hope everyone that downloads this pretends to drink and drive and gets arrested and anally penetrated by the biggest man in the jailhouse.

Nice, a couple of those and I'd start to look at the ugly iVadge at the end of the bar a little differently.

I love how all the report of "revolutionary or brand new" apps like this start getting reported because of the IPhone when stuff like this has been out for about 6 months for tons of other phones like the N95. And $3 for something that stupid? Gotta love Iphone retards.

Actually, Apple didn't come out with this.

#10 - you are the retard if you are all proud of your N95!

#9 - LOL

I think it'd be just some funny thing to bust out with some where. Funny how passionate people get over something like this.

considering a beer at the bar is $6, a never-ending beer that never-get-you-drunk aint that bad.

The only spoiler to the video is that IT AIN'T REAL BEEER! WAAAAAH!!!!

This is just one of things to make a person more interesting in social situations when they know they are not.

Supposedly a sucker is born every minute, and apparently some of those suckers have iPhones.
I'll just stick to my 'do nothing except call people and play music' cellphone. I'm boring like that.

It would be stupid to buy an iPhone to drink fake beers. If you buy it to talk on, check your email, browse the internet, or to take advantage of any other of the useful functions it offers, than it makes sense.

Poor people don't like the iPhone.

Wonder if it comes with a warning in the UK to pretend to drink responsibly?

wow this has been out for almost a year. its not even a real application, its just a video. Still fun to use though.

@10 are you calling yourself a retard? I suppose I insulted your life because you have an IPhone and are oh so proud?

@18 it is an applicaiton and it uses the acceleromter to sense the orientation of the phone and move the picture accordingly


@12, $6 beer at the bar? where do you go???

Um Symbian has had this app for the N95 for like 2years.

IPHone is for tools who are tricked into thinking its "New" technology when in actuality its OLD technology!

First it was Guitar Hero, now it's this.

I can see if it was maybe iMargaritas, or iShots of Patron, but beer? Although, I dunno. I don't really drink beer, and it would be great to carry around at a party so that it looks like I'm really drinking it. It would totally fool everyone, so that I can simultaneously be cool but not give in to peer pressure.

If you bought an iPhone, you already caved to pressure. There's better technology out there for cheaper, and anyone who knows their tech stuff thinks you're a retard for buying into a huge f***ing marketing ploy.

iPhone owners are just the grown up version of those kids whose sneakers could be 'pumped up' by pushing the basketball. Except they don't have the excuse of being little kids anymore, and now they're just grown up douchebags substituting the latest fad for having any real personality or self esteem.

Being able to afford an iPhone doesn't make you rich, it makes you a middle class wannabe... which is exactly where this product is pitched.

I hate that guys face.

the guy in the video looked like he had some... problems...

wow, that has got to be the dumbest thing anyone has ever wasted their time on. if it makes $, then more power to them, but seriously... this only makes the stereotypical apple user ever more pansy. I am starting to feel self conscious for being a mac owner.

wow calm down 24 , maybe people like convenience?

**Featuring iDRUG**
- Lines of Coke that you can snort by dragging your nose on the touch screen
- Needle of Heroin you can press into your arm (or in between your toes you closet addicts)
- Bong you can tilt to activate the auto lighter/match and bubbles
- Bottle of Pills you can swallow down (like the beer app)

List goes on...

thats pretty f***ed up....

Great....now if only they could get back to work on those x-ray glasses they promised me.

..for $2 you can download the ibelch..

what would be cool is if two friends had the app they could interact with eachother, like one iphone opens a can of beer (or carton of milk) and pours it into the other iphone. that would be cool.

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