Jul 9 2008I Want: Bubble Wrap Calendar Is Popsome


The Bubble Calendar is a poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day. They're available in vertical and horizontal models and measure 48" x 17.5" (or 17.5" x 48"!). The printed on paper version will set you back $30, but if you want it on a high quality plastic backing you'll have to pop $50. I think I want one, the only problem is I have no self control. The entire calendar would probably last a week. Now a condom calendar -- that'd last a while. And not because I live dangerously, but because I've never seen a vagina. Unless that blurry one I think I saw on the scrambled porno channel counts. Which, let's be honest, totally should. Haha, virgin no more!

Bubble Calendar Website

Thanks Brendan, I rented a Moon Bounce for my party this weekend if you want to come over and try to pop it.

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Woo!!! My First Post ever and i was first^....neways the calendar looks pretty cool but yah would last too long with my cat... it loves bubble pop stuff. *Pop*


How do you stop yourself from popping everyday? Once you pop...

What they need is reflatable bubble wrap, that way we can pop forever!

I wouldn't be able to stop myself...I'd have to pop them all. I love bubble wrap.

Thats just as likely as getting a ballon that just popped to reinflate itself...would be neat though...

Ahhhh....I'd pop that bad boy within minutes!!

@ #4 - Reflatable bubble wrap? God, just imagine how good that would be!! Sore fingers (from all the popping) but you'd be uber chilled out!!

i'm actually really confused about the set-up of this "calendar"...it just looks like a bunch of numbers with random holidays on it. love it anyway though. *pop* *pop* *pop*

@8: I think the months are written horisontally up top, and the days of each month goes down vertically.

I can't beleive I actually burned calories in order to explain something so obvious. I should be a kindergarten teacher.

I'd pop them quicker than I eat all the chocolates in an advent calendar.

i just bought one for 2009. it ships in september. all of the bubbles will be popped by october.

but it will have been worth it.

Ok, this is just because I've come to love all of you guys so much...


Just don't expect stuff like this everyday. :)

If you order a calendar does it come packed in bubble wrap?

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