Jul 22 2008I Must Have It!: Little Knitted Link Doll


As many of you may know, I love everything Zelda. I even threatened my wife with divorce if she didn't legally change her name to Princess Zelda. That's how serious I am. Did I mention I have the triforce branded on the back of my hand? Because I'm totally going to do that now that I thought of it. Sa-weet! Anyway, this is a Link doll in knitted amigurumi form. I want him. Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to be for sale, but there are some other figures available at the creator's Etsy shop and a TON more pictures of Link and others on Flickr (check it out for LOTR and Star Wars figures). I pretty much want them all. Now I know what you're thinking, "Aren't you a little old to be playing with dolls?" And the answer to that, my friends, is Geekologie is written by a six-year old.

Hit the jump for a few more worthwhile pictures, including Link's awesome accessories, an Indiana Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow, Superman, and Cobra Commander.







link knit amigurumi: cuter than a bowl full of kittens [technabob]

Thanks Ray, I needed a good Link fix for the day.

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Reader Comments

F1RST!!! ya suck it biatch


Aren't you, dear Geekologie Writer, a bit too young to have a wife at the frail age of 6? :P

Those are actually crochet :)

What cradles I rob is none of your business, #3

*DROOL* Definately getting the Revan one from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Those are f***ing badass.

The Link is totally cute and Capt. Jack Sparrow is too!

Obama is not qualified to run this country. Instead of being all dreamy over him, maybe look at what he stands for other than a speech prompter.

The only dolls I play with are filled with air

Way to be on topic, #9... just interject any random thought as it pops into your head! OH LOOK! SOMETHING SHINY! *jingles keys*

I agree Danna ( #4)! These are definitely crochet. Damn hookers are getting crafty.

These are awesome.

why are there little turds in front of the indiana jones one?

Dear Mr. Writer:

You are 100000% gay.

Joe Mega Awesome


#14, those are the Sankara Stones that he had to retrieve from the Thuggee tribe in India.

i actually do have a triforce tattoo on the back of my hand. and if my guy wanted me to change my name to princess zelda i'd do it in a hearbeat. ;)

omg. so freakin cute.

i know this is stupid, but the doll is actually crocheted(not knitted). it's very cute!

ZOMG you love zelda! Marry me!
i would change my name to zelda if i could.

Link rocks! Lovin the Lon Lon Milk!

if i was your wife, you wouldn't have to ask me twice to legally change my name to princess zelda. i've actually just set an appointment to have the triforce tattooed in black light ink on the back of my wrist, and i can't WAIT! also, i need one of those link guys.

they look like sackboys :D

...it's crocheted, not knitted. just thought you'd like to know. just sayin, there is a difference.


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