Jul 30 2008Heart Robot Has 'Feelings', Actually Heartless


The Childlike Heart Robot resembles something from a nightmare more than a child and is allegedly capable of displaying emotions. Its heart beats and can respond to movement, noise, and touch. Unfortunately, I can't even stand looking at the little herald of the robot apocalyptic. Why the hell did they make him so freaking scary? The chick though, she's alright. Reminds me of Jenny McCarthy before she shit her pants and totally disgusted me.

If he is cuddled his limbs become limp and he "relaxes". But if he is yelled at, he gets upset. He flinches, his hands clench and his breathing and heart rate speed up.

But if he's pulled limb from limb and his appendages are scattered in several different dumpsters around town, then he dies and The Geekologie Writer won't have to sleep with the lights on tonight. In mommy and daddy's bed.

UPDATE: Frightening video of the little goober of doom added after the jump.

'Human' robot is all heart

Thanks to "Great, now they can laugh maniacally when they crush our skulls in" Mark and also, "where the hell is my credit?" Gavin.

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It reminds me of that little alien in the Lost in Space movie (the remake).

"if he is cuddled his limbs become limp" I have the exact opposite reaction.

This thing is pretty cool i guess, though it does look creepy. maybe its the exposed heart that beats, but most likely it's its uncanny resemblance to dennis kucinich.

This is what happens when Dr. Seuss drops too much acid one night and f***s around with electronics.

God help us all. These little bastards will rule the world in 4 days tops.

My dog would hump the crap out of that thing.
Then lets see how the little bastard "feels".

pale color of this robot "skin" looks creepy

Jack Skellington?

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Pale, small, emotional. Oh f*** me. Technology has built us an emo kid.

It's kind of spooky to look at, other people feeling that yeah?

O...M...G... you linked to The Sun! I had such respect for you Geekologie writer. Please tell me you didnt know it's a tabloid trash-rag for the terminally dim so everything is ok again...

I don't a doll that loves me

I want a doll that MAKES love to me

I HELD this thing. It was actually really cute. And then it ran out of batteries. It actually started to 'relax' and looked like it was falling asleep. And it blinked.
And i wanna sculpt it.

i like the idea, i mean creating, designing and building a robot that can respond to human emotions, but i do not understand why on earth they design such "look" to the robot. Yea, it looks scary a lil bit. LOL..

I thought Furbies were a evil.

And then they made this.

Some humans don't even feel love - why are we trying to make robots that do?

@gw, it 'dies' when the battery runs out. Yeah, I totally saw it in person! As in, I was the person. It was in robot. I got to hold it... It's meant to be like a 3 year old. Not really, it looks more like a nymph of some sort.

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