Jul 14 2008Hat Tech: Ladies, The Bang-Go Is A Must


If there's one thing I know, it's fashion. So believe me when I tell you that these hats are totally gonna be the new paisley. The Bang-Go is a hat made for women and men with bangs that want to wear a hat but don't like the wear they crush their precious hairstyle. Bang-Gos costs $20, should have been called Go-Bangs, and the top can be removed if you just want a visor. This reminds me: I was getting drunk at the bar the other day and I kept trying to take a cameraphone picture of this chick at the bar who had the most ridiculous bangs I've ever seen. They weren't even bangs, they were freaking booms. HUGE. She caught me though and I had to buy her a Budweiser and lie about how awesome I thought her bangs were and how I wanted my girlfriend to do something similar. I eventually asked if I could touch them and she let me. Long story short: I haven't washed my hand since.

Product Site

Thanks Tara, I'll get one if you get one.

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I figure I may as well get prewife's ad up here, save him the effort.


Love ya # 2, but you could have actually made it link to something nasty or rude...


classic. I'm not gonna click on the link because I can see it's an actual link to prewife. I wish you would have made it link to www.f***thesouth.com or something...

anyway, keep up the good work, my friend.

What the Hell is prewife, anyway? I've never clicked on the link because I'm scared.

Oh, and "Bango" is Japanese for "number". I'm sure this had some relevance when I first thought of it, but hey, I'm drunk.

the fugliest hat i have ever seen. wow.

I find this hilarious, the name of the product means "fart" in Korean. LMAO, great job "fart hat" makers!

Wow, they named a hat after what I do every weekend!

Oh my gawwwwd!!!

Just visited the site, how stoopid does this look.

My 16month old daughter wears her knickers on her head and it looks more cool than this


I am also afraid to click...but curious...so freaking curious...

I know one day I will break down and go there and it will be either sooooo much less horrible than I am imagining....or so SO much worse.

And my boyfriend will find it on our computer and think that I am very strange.


And you don't even need real bangs to use one... check this out - instant bangs!


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