Jul 4 2008Happy Fourth Of July, With Fireworks!

The intrepid Geekologie Writer here wishing you all a happy Fourth of July. I'm currently between drinking binges and figured I'd say hi and let you all know I was thinking of you. I also included a video up of one of my favorite past-times -- shooting fireworks at your friends. And, like every firework war I've ever had, this one goes horribly wrong. Oh, and a heads up -- there's some NSFW cussing in it. Now everybody get out there and have a great holiday weekend. But remember: safety first. Under no circumstances should you play with fireworks without an alcoholic beverage's supervision.

Happy fourth! Be safe and I'll see you bright and early on Monday.


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Reader Comments


Fireworks are supposed to be shot INTO THE SKY.

Looks like the Ia Drang valley...

LOL! He sure had a lot of fireworks... ROFLOMGBBQ!!

His friends are assholes and hes stupid.

That's all fun & games until they set the forest on fire. I'm not so worried about the guys getting injured (that's just the magic of Darwin weeding out idiots), but it's stupid of them to do it in such a heavily wooded area.

the video is GONE.


a firework totally went up that redneck guys ass.......

haha "I've never seen sandbags burn"

what a faggot I hope he learned his lesson

#9 Lesson learned: next time bring more fireworks.

"Shit...we set-off Zeke's whole stash!"
"Eh, f***it. Keep firing at him."

Sweeeeet, take it.

It's bright and early on Monday NOW. Wake up Geekologie Writer I'm bored.

Wow. That could be jail time for all idiots involved, and they provided their own evidence. I don't know of any state where roman candles are still legal.

Just for the schadenfreude I hope to hear of the arrest and incarceration of all involved.

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