Jul 22 2008Gun + Knife = Gnife Knun Knife-Gun

The Knife-Gun is the lovechild of a small caliber handgun that humped a switchblade at the monthly gun & knife show they hold at the civic center. I couldn't find much more information on it, except that they're allegedly for sale and it looks like it shoots a pretty small caliber round. Probably more effective than the WASP Knife at a distance though. But it probably sucks underwater. Still, I love hybrid weapons, and this little puppy inspired me to invent the boomerang grenade. See, you pull and pin and throw it, and then it flies around and comes ba....okay, so it needs some work.


Thanks Lee, I owe you a beer. Haha, just kidding.

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another knife that can run out of ammo...

Eh, pretty cool in theory, but the accuracy must be horrible.

Looks difficult to aim, awkward, and the trigger is incredibly dangerous. Also, the motion of the trigger necessarily changes the aim when firing. The only way it could be used safely (for the user) as a knife is if it was out of ammo. The only way it could be used effectively as a gun would be at very close range. I'd rather carry a good sized rock as a weapon.

Agree with #1,2 and 3.

I was waiting for the numbnuts to have his finger slip over the top of the bolster in the video. This ust doesn't look like a great idea.

At least when you run out of ammo you could throw it.

I'm still waiting for the nunchuck gun

I'll add the requisite "FAKE!!!1!!!" to this discussion.

I can see the tagline now;
"Now you CAN bring a knife to a gun fight!"

this is very old footage, its not meant for shooting from a distance either, its stab then shoot while the blade is in the target or for close combat. another black market item the cops should be looking out for in the hood. this goes in the same category as the key chain and celphone gun.

I saw many people are discussing this on ********Blackcentury.com********. You may go there to check it if you are interested.

I heard ********Blackcentury.com******** was stupidest site ever because their idiot drones perpetually SPAM unrelated sites in hopes to attract someone stupid enough to visit their site.

knife-gun > wasp knife

Dumbest. Thing. Ever. For so many reasons.

can we talk about the last frame of this video please?
the product shot includes:

1- large bundle of marine rope
1- U.S. passport
1- 100.00 dollar bill
50- pieces of blank green paper
2- pennies OR
2- quarters painted copper
1- biggest canvas belt i have ever seen
2- black carabiners
1- knife that will be seen on next weeks episode of COPS live from Tulsa in which the owner- bleeding profusely from his left cheek- swears he was just cleaning his knife when it went 'Off'.

*all of this resting comfortably on someone's backyard patio- er- secret pirate boat launch


Never bring a knife to a gunfight.. or is it never bring a gun to a knife fight? I don't remember.

anyone who plays Final Fantasy VIII will know that that's an old old idea

@ #16 jp

Anyone who is educated in the history 19th century European naval warfare will know that's an old idea.



Ignorant Final Fantasy fans should explore their own world rather than those in the land of make believe.

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