Jul 8 2008Geekologie Exclusive: The Next Mimobot Star Wars Series 3 Character Is...(Drumroll, Please)


Wicket! Come collect your prize. Last week it was announced that Darth Sidious was the first character in the Mimobot Series 3 of Star Wars USB drives, but Wicket comes in a solid second. God I love that furry little bastard. So cute, I just want to eat him. I mean after skinning and roasting of course. I kid, I kid! The remaining two characters will be revealed in the next two weeks, and the entire series goes on sale July 23rd. Hit the jump for several closeups and a little diorama of Wicket standing on an Imperial Speeder in the woods with several other characters. After all, what good is a USB drive if it doesn't look like one of your favorite movie characters and can't be set it up in little dioramas?*

*No good.

Hit it for more pictures.




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Reader Comments


Actually I want the Darth Vader one, but it's been sold out for ages.

The Darth Sidious One is cool though.

awesome. Personally my favs are already there (the Fett man and the stormtrooper) but I'm betting that the unannounced ones are Jabba and C-3PO.

dude... Obi-wan, General Akbar, and or a Jawa.

HA! Jar Jar! ha... just watch.... it'll be the douche of the galaxy!

I'm gonna buy them all! ^^

Lame !

Could I BE any less interested in Star Wars?

Am I getting TIRED of all this crap?

Are my PANTS on fire?

Is this WORD emphasis thing working?

Weird elongated face/forehead starwars creature are ugly.

Do not want.

my money is on 3PO and Akbar.....Lando is my wildcard.

I want Wicket.

Han Solo looks weird though. What's with the emo-fringe?


...Looks more like a dildoramas!

I would love to see a Jawa mimobot but i'm thrilled to see that they re-introduced darth vader the other day in their new series

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